How to download HiveOS: Torrent & Zip File (Archive) – Simple Steps To Profit

How to download HiveOS

How to download HiveOS: Torrent & Zip File (Archive) – To begin with, I would recommend registering in the personal account of the universal mining system – hive os , which allows you to manage your farms remotely in a convenient web interface.

After registration, we press the Install button on the official website of the system, where we will be given a choice of several files to download. Let’s figure out what they are, and which one we need!

Files That You Need to download

Hive OS client for ASICs (ASICs)

Link to the GitHub repository, where you can download a special client for ASIK equipment, which you will use instead of the standard software. The instructions for configuring and installing the client on ASICs of different versions, be it Antminer, Innosilicon or Zig, can be found here .

Hiveon Firmware for S9 / S11 – Download overclocking profiles for maximum and lowest W / Th hashrate.

Hive OS image for GPU rigs.

For rigs on video cards, you can download the image in two ways, via torrent , or download a zip file with the image.

Beta Image

You can download an image for beta testing. The latest drivers and experimental features can be used.

There are two download options available: torrent , zip archive .

AMD Vega

This image only works with AMD VEGA , but will not work with RX cards .
Torrent , zip .

Flashing Utility

This utility is for bulk flashing your farms without having keyboards connected to the rigs.

Burning Hive OS Image to Media

After you have downloaded Hive OS, you need to write it to a medium: a USB flash drive or SSD disk.

Etcher is the recommended tool for burning Hive images to discs. Supports Windows, Mac, Linux.

You can find information on installing, configuring and working with Hive OS in other articles on our website. Happy mining!

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