How to find Out and check hashrate of a video card online – Darn Easy To Do!

How to find out and check the hashrate of a video card online

How to find out and check the hashrate of a video card online – In recent years, cryptocurrency mining is gaining more and more popularity, many new people come to the field. Preparation for mining begins with the selection of suitable equipment, most often mining is carried out on video cards. The main indicator of profitability is hash rate. Today we will tell you how to determine the hash rate of a graphics accelerator and calculate the ROI.

What is hashrate

Hashrate is a unit of measurement used to determine the computing power of devices that mine cryptocurrency. There are several types of mining. If the token supports Proof-of-Work mining, then you need to configure the equipment that mines coins using this algorithm. To calculate the amount of cryptocurrency that you can receive, you just need a hashrate. The parameter indicates the speed of performing mathematical operations by ASIK or “farm” of video cards. 

The main task is to find hash functions that will serve as the completion of a block in the chain. For this, a reward is given in the form of a set number of tokens. The higher the Hashrate of the system, the more chances you have to find the desired block and pick up the reward. This is the main reason why private miners do not mine cryptocurrency individually, but are combined into “pools”. Having found the right solution earlier and faster than the others, the received “prize” is divided in direct proportion among all participants of the pool, depending on the involved computing power of each. 

What is the hash rate measured – how to check the megahash of a video card

Hash rate is a variable, its numerical value is expressed as the number of hash (h) per second. To search for a hash code, thousands, millions and billions of calculations are performed. The decoding of the main indicators of the hash rate of devices is as follows:

  • Kilochesh (kH / s) – 1000 H / s;
  • Megahesh (MH / s) – 1000 kH / s;
  • Gigahesh (GH / s) – 1000 MH / s;
  • Terrachesh (TH / s) – 1000 GH / s;
  • Petahesh (PH / s) – 1000 TH / s;
  • Exahesh (EH / s) – 1000 PH / s.

In the bitcoin hashrate blockchain ecosystem, most collective mining pools are measured in petahesh and exahesh. The hashrate of the Bitcoin network is 80.55 EH / s.

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How to see the hash rate of a video card

The easiest way is to install mining software and determine the performance empirically. Unfortunately, this method is not suitable for those who have not yet purchased equipment for mining cryptocurrencies. Of course, you can believe the hash rate declared by the manufacturer, but it has an average value and largely depends on the following factors:

  1. Mining algorithm. The same equipment will show different performance when working with different algorithms, and therefore, with different cryptocurrencies. So, if the device is “sharpened” for the CryptonightV7 (Monero) algorithm, then its efficiency can significantly decrease when switching to the Scrypt (Litecoin) algorithm.
  2. Equipment manufacturer. For example, with the same technical parameters, the GTX 1080 nVidia graphics card is significantly more productive than the MSI graphics card.

As a rule, mining neophytes are trying to get information about the real hash of this or that equipment in thematic forums, looking for tables and other data on the network.

How to find out the hashrate of a computer on the What To Mine service

It is impossible to say unequivocally what hashrate a certain card will give out, because this indicator still depends on the system, cryptocurrency and mining algorithm. Therefore, we recommend using special services that will show the performance of a video card when using a certain algorithm. Take the popular as an example .

How to find out the hashrate of a computer on the What To Mine service
How to find out the hashrate of a computer on the What To Mine service

Everything is done quite simply:

  • follow the link to the main page of the What To Mine service;
  • indicate the model of the video card and their number.
  • specify additional parameters and click “Calculate”.

The table will display information about the approximate hash rate of your system, the amount of energy consumed and profit. 

What does the hashrate depend on?

The principle is quite simple. The higher the performance of the devices, the greater the hashrate issued, and, accordingly, the reward for the work done. It is divided among users based on the capacity they invest.

To maintain high hashrate indicators and tangible mining profit, it is important to consider that:

  • various manufacturers (AMD, nVidia, MSI, and so on) bring their design features into the characteristics of devices;
  • if the hash rates are not high enough, then you need to turn off the farm, remove the graphics adapter and then put it back;
  • mining speed is directly dependent not only on the equipment used, but also on the selected hashing algorithm.

How to determine hashrate online? To calculate the parameters of a specific device, you need to refer to one of the available specialized resources. There are enough of them on the Internet now, for example, the WhatToMine platform. There you will need to indicate the model and the number of devices, and then the service will calculate the approximate hash rate itself.

What drives change?

Let’s take a closer look at the indicators and factors that affect the change in the hash rate. The speed of adding a block and the complexity of mining have a direct impact on the indicator. Other influencing factors include the following:

  • Block creation time – for example, on the Ethereum network, the average is within 15 seconds. Only at moments of instability of the Ether does the value change upward. If the time to create a block decreases, the algorithm increases the difficulty of solving the mathematical “puzzle”. The network is self-regulated.
  • Block reward – in the event of a decrease in mining profit, maintaining the network and extracting new blocks becomes unprofitable. In such cases, miners turn off the equipment, and the overall hash rate drops.
  • New equipment for mining – specialized companies are developing special devices that are designed to work with specific encryption algorithms. Initially, the network hashrate consisted exclusively of GPU power, but now video cards cannot practically compete with the performance of ASICs. The computational potential of the latter significantly exceeds the capabilities of video cards.
  • Changes in the value of cryptocurrencies – as the capitalization of cryptocurrencies grows, the number of enthusiasts is decreasing. They are being crowded out by entrepreneurs who are only interested in profit.
  • Mining profitability – the more profitable it is to mine a coin, the more miners are connected to the network.
  • Let’s take into account the financial side of the issue . If a user with one farm gets a profit of $ 100 / day on Ether, he will not switch to Dash for $ 60 / day and vice versa.
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Overclocking the graphics card

The performance of a video card directly depends on the clock speeds of the GPU and random access memory (RAM) for video memory. Overclocking the video card is done using:

  • special software;
  • console utility;
  • changes in timings.

To overclock a video card, the following software must be installed on the computer:

  • monitoring of video characteristics;
  • card overclocking control;
  • stress testing.

Before overclocking, you should increase the power of the video card: set the “Power Limit” slider to the maximum, and then apply this setting by clicking the “Apply” button. Overclocking is carried out sequentially. When overclocking the video core, the procedure consists of a number of iterations:

  1. Increase the frequency (“Core Clock”).
  2. Running the test.
  3. Checking the video card in the game.

The game should be chosen more powerful in order to load the map 100%. You need to play for 1-2 hours. If, after completing all the steps, the operation of the overclocked device is stable, then these steps should be repeated at a higher frequency, and so on until the operation becomes unstable. At too high a frequency, the video card will not burn out: it will automatically reset the frequencies to the nominal values.

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To find the most accurate value of the maximum overclocking frequency, the increase should be reduced: for example, if at the first iteration the frequency is increased by 50 MHz, at the second iteration again by 50 MHz and a breakdown occurs, then you should return to the second iteration and increase the frequency not by 50 MHz, and at 25, 20 or 10 MHz.

Video card hashrate test

Setting up the overclocking of a video card using the MSI Afterburne program as an example.

Video card hashrate test - MSI AfterBurner
Video card hashrate test – MSI AfterBurner

When overclocking the RAM, you need to perform step 1 for the “Memory Clock” parameter and then steps 2 and 3. If necessary, repeat the procedure in the same way as overclocking the GPU frequency.

For overclocking the products of the manufacturer Nvidia, there is a console utility Nvidia-smi. 

On Windows, this utility is located at C: Program Files, NVIDIA Corporation, NVSMI. In the command line at this address, the state of the video card is checked and the frequencies of its operation are increased.

Another way to overclock the card is to change the time delays of the RAM and timings. This method is used for AMD products of the Radeon brand using ATI Winflash software and Polaris Bios Editor.


Hashrate can be symbolically called a link between the real and digital worlds. Focusing on the hash rate, one can understand the complexity of mining in crypto networks, calculate the profitability of mining, and choose the best technique. Without understanding the hash rate, it is impossible to be well versed in the blockchain industry. This is one of the fundamental values ​​not only for miners, but also for other crypto users.

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