How to fix pink screen of death in Windows 11, 10

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Snipping Tool not working on Windows 11

How to fix pink screen of death in Windows 11, 10

BSOD or Blue Screen of Death is infamous among Windows users in that when the computer crashes, it displays an error message, a QR code along with an error message about a blue screen. But, in some of the rarer cases, users have reported experiencing the pink screen of death where all things are similar to BSOD problems, except that the background color is pale pink. This very rare problem may have appeared due to some hardware / software problem on your system.

Solution 1: update your graphics card

Try updating the graphics card on your system.

1. At first, press the Tecla de Windows + X keys together.

2. Then tap on the «Device administrator“To access it.

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3. When Device Manager opens, tap the «Display adapters“To expand it.

4. Then right-click on your display driver and click «Update driver“.

5. Then click on «Search for drivers automatically” in the window.

Automatically search for driver graphics Min Min Min

Windows will now download and install the latest version of the graphics driver on your system.

Restart the system and check if it works.

NOTE – Besides, you can also download the latest version of Nvidia, AMD, Intel graphics drivers directly on your system and install them manually.

Solution 2: disconnect all unnecessary items

You have connected some unnecessary items to your system, try disconnecting them and check.

1. At first, make sure your computer is completely turned off.

2. Now carefully remove, separate the system from the power supply.

3. Next, remove all external devices from your system (including various USB adapters, dongles, external hard drives, USB drives).

5. Once you have done that, simply connect the power cord to your system and turn on your machine.

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While your computer is starting, check if you are seeing the pink screen of death issue.

Solution 3: check the screen manually

There is a possibility that the monitor / display unit you are using may not function properly.

1. Check the monitor connection.

2. The best way to identify if there is a problem with the monitor is to disconnect it from your system and test it with another PC / laptop.

Check if you are noticing a pink tint problem on another PC screen. If not, the problem is with your current system.

Solution 4: use cleaning mode

You can clean your system startup to identify the root cause of the problem and take appropriate action.

1. At first, press the Tecla de Windows + R keys together.

2. Then type this command and press the Get into wrench.


Msconfig Min

3. In the System Configuration window, go to «General” tab.

4. Here, select the «Selective start up“And then check the option”Load startup items»Option.

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Selective Start Clean Start Win 11 min

5. After that, click on the «Services” section.

6. Here you have to cheque the “Hide all Microsoft services” box.

7. Then tap on the «Disable all”To disable all third party applications.

Hide all Disable Min

This will stop all services that affect the pointer flicker problem.

8. Next, tap on the «Start up” tab.

9. Now, tap on the «Open Task Manager“.

Minimal startup task manager

The Task Manager will open.

10. All services that are configured to start automatically with the system are listed here.

11. Then, right-click on the service and tap «Deactivate“.

Disable Dfc Min

Now, close the Task Manager and go back to the System Settings window.

12. Don’t forget to click «Request«And then in»OK“.

Apply Ok Min

You will notice that a message has appeared to reboot your machine.

13. Simply click on «Restart”To restart your system immediately.

Restart Min

Once your system reboots, check if you are facing the same Pink Screen of Death or not.

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If you are not experiencing the problem, you can deduce that third-party software is causing this problem.

1. Press the Tecla de Windows + R keys together.

2. Then write «appwiz.cpl“And click”OK“.

Appwiz Min

3. In the Programs and Features window, you will see the list of applications.

Check which apps were installed recently.

4. Simply right-click on the most recently installed application and tap «Uninstall”To uninstall the application.

Uninstall Wind 11 Min Min

After doing this, your problem should be fixed.

Additional tips

1. If you have this problem with a game, try reinstalling it.

2. Try using another display unit if possible.