How to fix the latest Google Chrome crash + Tips and Tricks

How to fix the latest Google Chrome crash

The latest stable version of Google Chrome (90.0.4430.212) has been with us since May 10 with no apparent errors. Until this weekend when a group of users in an undetermined number have begun to report some strange bugs including browser crashes, errors in the operation of the handling of the eyelashes and errors in the use of the extensions.

“Seemingly out of nowhere, about 15 minutes ago, Google Chrome stopped working for me. My extensions crashed and all pages (including Chrome pages, like settings) are refusing to load. The screen is completely blank and the tab is simply labeled Untitled »commented a user on Reddit describing the generality of reported problems.

How to fix Google Chrome crash

The Chrome support team has acknowledged the issue, which appears to have to do with the user data directory that stores information about the current web browser installation. We have not been able to reproduce these errors on any of our computers, but if this is your case, Google has announced an official solution.

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“On May 21 we started receiving reports that Chrome was crashing unexpectedly for some Windows and Linux users. After conducting an investigation, we identified the root cause and released an update that resolves the behavior »:

For Windows users

  • Close all open Chrome windows.
  • Reopen Chrome. You will continue to see the broken behavior.
  • Keep the browser open for about 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, exit the browser and then restart.
  • The Google Chrome bug will be fixed.

For Linux users

  • Access the directory that contains the Chrome user profile: .config / google-chrome /
  • Delete the contents of the subdirectory [Chrome user profile] Origin Trials. (It must include the directory “”)
  • Remove the [perfil de usuario de Chrome] Local State file
  • Start over. Chrome should load as expected

If the above solutions do not resolve the Google Chrome crash for you, other solutions to solve the problem go through:

  • Run the Chrome installer again, to download Chrome and install it again.
  • Install and use the Beta version of Chrome.
  • Delete the Chrome user data directory located at% LOCALAPPDATA% Google Chrome User Data, not before making sure to make a full copy of the same if you do not already have it stored in the cloud or other sites, to be able to replace it later.
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We do not know the number of affected users among the tens of millions who use a development that occupies 70% of the quota in desktop browsers, but surely Google will launch a definitive solution through an update.

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