How to Fix the USB Port or Charging Pin Not Working on an Android Mobile

How to Fix the USB Port or Charging Pin Not Working on an Android Mobile

One of the most delicate things about our mobile device is undoubtedly the USB port, the same port that we use to charge the device. You have surely heard from many people that the charging PIN was damaged and they had to pay a large sum of money to fix it, solve the problem of the charging port because the USB does not charge or does not work is a whole issue, solder and fix the USB charging port or PIN of a damaged cell phone, we are going to give several tips on the same in the following article. Just keep reading very carefully and let’s get a solution.

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How to fix the phone’s USB port

This problem begins more than anything when we try to connect the mobile to the computer and it does not recognize it, because the USB device is not recognizedIn addition to trying to charge the phone and directly either it does not recognize it or you simply have to “play” the card to take it, something that undoubtedly means that the charging pin was damaged.

Make the change charging pin It is within all something simple, although it is clear that it is necessary to have, even basic knowledge on the subject and not to mention the appropriate tools to be able to carry out the entire process.

To make the explanation simpler and not too complicated because we know that with text and images it can be very difficult to understand, we are going to leave you a video that explains precisely how to change charging pin, in this case an old Samsung S3 Mini, but it is similar in all cases.

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For this reason it is essential that once it starts to malfunction or you see that this medium is loose or it is simply necessary to solder the charging PIN, you do it immediately to avoid problems and above all things having to walk juggling to charge the phone.

Fix USB charging pin phone

This way you can make the change of the charging pin, Although it is quite easy to do it as I said before, it is essential that you have basic knowledge on the subject because if not, you can end up damaging the device even more.

In any case, if you don’t know anything about this or don’t even have the necessary tools, you should go to a specialized technical service and pay the sum of money that within all is not too high, to be able to have your phone working properly quickly. There are times when you put your phone to charge and you find yourself with the surprise that it didn’t actually charge.

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recover mobile android charging port

Remember that doing this without proper knowledge or tools can end up leaving your mobile phone considerably worse than it already is, so take great care and responsibility on the matter. Maybe trying to save a few dollars ends up being much more expensive.

USB ports have become extremely important in these times, and it is that thanks to them we can connect all kinds of devices to each other, obtaining a much improved performance of most of them. Follow our information and you will find the solution when the USB device is not recognized, on keyboard, mouse and on PC.

The USB -Universal Serial Bus-, They then allow us to connect such differential products as a headset, a printer, a flash drive, and many others, but here we want to stop at those situations in which unfortunately they do not work.

What usually happens in these cases is that for some reason there has been damage to USB ports, and that is why we want to show you what are the most probable causes of these errors, as well as all kinds of tricks to solve them.

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learn to repair mobile charge pin

What are the reasons why a USB port does not work?

The first thing you have to keep in mind in this type of case, is that a problem in itself when a USB port does not work, is that the causes Behind this drawback they can be very varied, so we are going to review some of the most common:

Quickly remove or insert a USB device

Although many of us can use our USB ports Being in a bit of a hurry, we recommend in all cases that you be extremely careful with the way in which you place the different devices on your PC through these slots. If you tend to remove them in a hurry, it is possible that in the medium or long term you will cause damage to them, and they will stop detecting the equipment connected to them.

5v and Gr cables badly connected

In the same way, there are some occasions when the problem is actually related to some of the computer cables being poorly connected. For example, if we have not connected well 5v and Gr cables, they may not work as they should. Even though it is much less likely, sometimes the problems have to do with the motherboard.

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Bad or dirty ports

Sometimes the solution is not as complicated as it seems, since we only have to take care of clean the USB ports a bit, since they can store dirt over time. If you go to the trouble, you will fix bugs from time to time.

Have viruses on the PC

Although it is true that it is not the most common problem that we may come across, if we have a virus on the computer in some cases it may directly affect our USB port. In that case, we recommend that you run an antivirus program to rule it out.

Power failure failure

Most external devices that connect to USB port computer need power, which is why if something does not work, basically we will not be able to connect to the terminal in question. Many times this error is recognized by an unpleasant smell or by the great noise that occurs when we make the connection.

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Does not recognize USB: Error code 43

This error message is also quite common, and about it we must say that it refers explicitly to a problem related to the hardware of the devices, for which there is an error between the external element and the connection to the PC. Sometimes we can solve this message in a simple way by deactivating Energy Saver, as we will show you below.

recover android mobile usb port

Steps and tricks to fix USB ports that have stopped working

Once the most common reasons why a USB port may not work are known, we believe that it is time that you can then also internalize yourself with several of the most useful tricks in this type of case:

Restart the computer

The first of the classic solutions in this type of case has to do with restarting the computer, since in just a few seconds we will get our PC to repair some software bug that could be on the loose.

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Perform a physical exam

Sometimes a physical exam is enough to check what the problem is with these ports, since something may be stuck in them, and in case this is what happens, we recommend that you use a thin plastic. You can also run a test by placing a USB stick, to see if it is registered by the computer or not. If you notice that it has a hard time fitting, then the problem is with the port.

Device Manager in Windows 10

If none of the above works, we recommend that you take a look at the Device Manager in Windows 10, bearing in mind that the error may derive from the absence of a particular driver or controller. So you have to do the following:

  • Go to the Start Menu, do click right-click, and then go to Device Manager
  • There you should see all the devices connected to the computer, looking for the section of Bus Controllers Universal Series
  • Do double click about the same
  • A list will appear, and you have to search Host controller USB
  • If you can’t find the same one, you may your USB port is damaged
  • Then you have to go to Search hardwar changese at the top of the screen
  • At that time a verification procedure will begin that must be detect USB and any device plugged into it
  • If it is still not detected, you should reinstall its drivers by going to Controller elements de host USB
  • There you have to uninstall the present ones, reinstalling them later automatically
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Disable USB Selective Suspend feature

USB Selective Suspend is a power-saving setting that is intended to minimize the use of the laptop battery, and can sometimes cut USB current, making it seem like it doesn’t work. To fix it, follow these steps:

  • And take Control Panel Windows
  • Enter Hardware and sound and then Energy options
  • When you’ve done it, go to Choose or customize a power plan
  • Then Change settings plan
  • The next step will be to enter Change advanced power settings
  • Look inside Settings USB
  • And there below Setting USB selective suspend. It should be active if the problem is this, so you have to disable it
  • make click Click on Apply and finally OK to finish

Replace the USB port

If these problems persist, and even if you have not noticed a fault with the naked eye, one of the most common solutions is to replace USB port, which in most cases fully assures us that the problem will be over. Apart from the Charging Pin, it also takes care of the battery. Download APPS on your mobile to help you preserve it.

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