How to force Windows 11 to use the default browser – Easy Steps

How to force Windows 11 to use the default browser

When Windows 10 was first released, Microsoft forced users to use Edge for everything. Users could change the default browser, but web requests from other applications or from the operating system were routed to Edge. To avoid this, users used the Edge Deflector app, but it doesn’t work on Windows 11 and Microsoft is forcing users to use Chromium Edge.

Windows 11 default browser

Chromium Edge is the standard browser in Windows 11 and you can change it to any other browser of your choice from the Settings app. The only problem is that while you can change the default browser in Windows 11, the operating system will still send some requests to Edge. In particular, searching from the Start menu or Windows search will go to Edge and not your default browser. To fix this, there is a script.

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Force Windows 11 to use the default browser

Before you can force Windows 11 to use its default browser, you must configure it.

  1. Open the Settings app with the Win + I keyboard shortcut.
  2. Go to Applications.
  3. Select Default apps.
  4. Select the default browser and select your preferred browser.

Default browser Windows 11

Now that you’ve set the default browser, you can start forcing Windows 11 to use it for everything.

  1. Visit the ChrEdgeFkOff.cmd Github page.
  2. Copy the script to your clipboard.
  3. Open PowerShell with administrator rights.
  4. Paste it into PowerShell and hit enter.
  5. When a new window opens, touch any key on the keyboard to close it.
  6. Web searches will now be redirected to your default browser.

If you think you want to undo the change or if it is causing problems on your system, you can remove the script. All you have to do is run the script again. Copy it from Github, paste it into PowerShell, and hit Enter. The new window that opens will indicate that the script is being removed and you are ready to go.

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It’s surprising that Microsoft has decided to do this again to its users. Chromium Edge is better than the version of Edge that Microsoft had developed before, however it hasn’t won many users on Windows 10. Forcing it on Windows 11 users is not a good idea. Users are looking for ways around it and have developed. It’s only a matter of time before Edge Deflector catches up, or a similar, more user-friendly app for work is developed. Microsoft may try to block them, as it did with Edge Deflector, but Edge Deflector eventually prevailed and Microsoft gave up when it came to Windows 10.