How to Get Paid Collaborations with Instagram? – Requirements and more

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How to Get Paid Collaborations with Instagram? – Requirements and more

For users to be able to start from the Internet, social networks are necessary, which depending on the number of followers you have, you are more prone to attracting the attention of brands.

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What benefits does it have for influencers to maintain paid collaborations with brands?

You must bear in mind that your image and your account is your own product and brandIt is very important to grow within Instagram to have the support of other brands.

Increase the movement in your account

When making your own product yourself it is necessary that they have people who want to consume your contentThat is why collaborating with recognized brands is essential to increase your followers and for your content to reach a larger audience. So your fame will grow.

Improve engagement with potential customers

When a collaboration with brands has already been made and you become more visible and grow within the Instagram community, you go grabbing the attention of more followers and brands that want to work with you. Even more so if you have already collaborated with other brands before.

Increase the trust your followers have towards you

As you collaborate and move your account, not only brands approach and trust your work and your content, but your followers trust you more to your content, they see it as serious content and they start paying more attention to you as an influencer.

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Brings you closer to the public

When you advertise and collaborate with other brands, you are not only creating content for your followers, but you are also bringing you closer to those who do not follow you directly.

What are the requirements to post paid contributions on Instagram?

It’s a matter of agreeing to the account or brand you want to collaborateAlthough it is recommended that you collaborate with small companies first. Below we will show you what you can consider when collaborating with brands.

Comply with community standards

When collaborating with a brand you have to have an impeccable reputation within the platform, because nobody wants to collaborate with someone who have broken Instagram rules. So you do your best to meet all the requirements that Instagram asks of you.

Share content related to the brand

The reason for a collaboration is to grow bothTherefore, the brand that is collaborating with you, has to share content in its history or in its state that is related to your brand, even if you are going to collaborate with someone, you have to bear in mind that everything you are going to share with that brand has to be related to them.

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What aspects should you take into account before seeking collaborations?

As I was saying, you have to take into account the following aspects so that your collaboration goes as well as possible. You have to analyze well how you are going to do it and do your best.

Define the purpose of your account

First define the objective of your account, if you are a beauty account, for example, you cannot collaborate with a sports account. The opportunity to collaborate with people who share the same goal is lost.

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Research the audience you want to reach

It’s necessary that investigate the audience you want to reach. For example, if you are a beauty brand, your audience is going to be mainly women. Your content should appeal to them, they are your audience so you should focus on that.

How can you request collaborations with brands from your Instagram?

Get in touch with the person you want to collaborate with, You can do it by sending a DM to him, then you have to agree to your collaboration. You must write a contract so that everything is under the legality of the agreement and every detail is reflected in a document.

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Enter, place a story on Instagram, when you have it ready, touch the link icon, select where it says ‘allow business partner to promote content’, confirm your action and you’re done. Next we will show you how to do it from Android and from an iOS device.

In android

It is the same procedure. Open the application from your mobile phone and select the option to publish history, already in there you will follow the steps described above, where it says ‘allow business partner to promote content’.

From your iOS

It remains the same, the applications are always the same, although in some cases may vary just follow the steps above. It is recommended that you keep in touch with your collaborator for any inconvenience.