How to Hide Images on Instagram without Deleting them from the Profile?

How to Hide Images on Instagram without Deleting them from the Profile?

Instagram is the most popular social image platform in the world and stands out among the most used social networks as well. The key to its success has been a very complete and easy-to-operate interface. There are many options you have on Instagram to personalize stories, edit images and even archive your profile posts.

That means you can make your profile photos disappear without deleting them from your account. This feature opens the door to many interesting possibilities that raises several benefits in terms of privacy. Learn how this tool works, what are the advantages it offers and how to restore any photo stored in your profile.

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How do I choose who can see my profile photos?

On Instagram, users can decide the degree of privacy of your account. For example, they can hide their stories from specific users. For profile photos or posts, there is also a way to change your privacy.

To do this, you must visit your account settings and, among the privacy options, change your profile from ‘Public’ to ‘Private’. In this way, only your approved followers will be able to see the photos from your profile. If you want other privacy options, you can hide photos by archiving them.

What are the advantages of hiding content in this app?

Instagram has been at the top of the download charts on mobile devices for several years now, and during that time, some users have posted many photos that, in retrospect, no longer make them feel as proud as they did back then. In those cases, archiving is the ideal solution; but it is also useful in other situations.

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Avoid having to upload the photo again

Sometimes you may not want to remove a photo from your profile permanently, but only temporarily. When archiving posts, you can hide content from your profile without removing it; and, when the allotted time has passed, restore it in the timeline of your profile keeping all reactions and comments. You can also edit the post before making it public again.

You have a private gallery on Instagram

Another important benefit of the option to archive content is that you can save your photos to the Instagram cloud privately, so that only you can view your photos and download them at any time. This offers you a alternative to store your photos safely and without space limits.

What is the way to hide content within Instagram?

To hide photos from your profile, you must have the Instagram mobile application installed. An image cannot be archived from the browser, so you need a mobile device to use this function. Nevertheless, there are two methods to hide content from your profile and Instagram.

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Selecting the image

From your cell phone or tablet, go to your Instagram profile and access your profile. Once there, find the post you want to hide and open it. Display the menu in the three dots icon and click on the ‘Archive’ option. After confirming the action, the post will disappear from your profile page.

archive posts on instagram

From the privacy settings of the application

Another option to hide your posts from prying eyes is by modifying your account settings. From your cell phone or computer, go to ‘Settings’ and open the ‘Privacy’ tab. From there, you can set your profile as public or private, preventing those who are not your followers from seeing the photos you have uploaded.

Where do you review the photos that were archived on Instagram?

To consult and view the photos you have archived, you must open your profile tab on your mobile device. Swipe left and the menu will pop up. Click on the ‘Archived’ option and navigate between the three categories: ‘Archived Posts’, ‘Archived Stories’ and ‘Archived Broadcasts’.

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How do I make all my images public on Instagram again?

If you want to unarchive or recover photos from Instagram, you must access the albums in the archive and find the publication you want to make public. Open the options for that photo and click ‘Show in profile’. The post will immediately appear on its original site.

If, on the other hand, you have changed the privacy options of your account, reposition your public profile so that other users can see all your images.