How to increase GTX P106 100 6 GB GDDR5 Mining: Overclock | Hashrate| Proft (ETC)

How to ‘increase/ Max/ Optimize/ Tune/ Boost/ Improve’ NVIDIA GeForce GTX P106 100 Mining: Overclocking | Hashrate/ Profitability (Big Jump)/ Best settings / Whattomine/ MSI Afterburner / Ethereum – The GeForce GTX 1060 MINING (M-NP106100) video card is adapted for use in cryptocurrency mining farms. It has optimal characteristics for this task: relatively low power consumption, 6 GB of GDDR5 video memory, operating frequencies most suitable for mining. A feature of this model is the absence of video outputs, which are not needed by a device connected to a mining farm.

The miners are especially interested in the hashrate of the p106 100 6gb, since at the moment the card can still bring tangible profit in mining. In the article, we will consider the parameters and characteristics of the card, how much megahash it produces on Ether and what the card’s performance is on other algorithms. 

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How To Increase: NVIDIA GeForce GTX P 106 100 miner 6g Hashrate

NVIDIA GeForce GTX P 106 100 miner 6g: hashrate and main characteristics of GPU in mining

Before answering the question, what is the hashrate of Gigabyte p106 100 6gb for different algorithms (or for cards from other vendors), it is worth considering the characteristics of the card. 

NVIDIA GeForce GTX P 106 100 miner 6g: Specifications

Main settings
GPU lineup GeForce
GPU GeForce GTX 1060
Standards support DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5, Vulkan 1.0
Video processor specifications
Number of video chips 1
Technological process 16 nm
Nominal frequency of the video chip (MHz) 1531 MHz
Turbo frequency 1708 MHz
Number of universal processors 1280
Number of texture units 80
Number of ROP units 48
Shader version 5.0
Video memory specifications
Video memory size 6 GB
Memory type GDDR5
Effective memory frequency (MHz) 8008 MHz
Memory bus width 192 pages
Maximum memory bandwidth (GB / sec) 192 GB / sec
How To Increase: NVIDIA GeForce GTX P 106 100 miner 6g Hashrate Specification

The P106-100 series graphics cards are analogous to Nvidia Geforce GTX1060 gaming cards. It is believed that these video cards have the best profitability / price ratio with an optimal payback period.

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Differences between P106-100 and GTX1060:

  • Higher hashrate
  • DaggerHashimoto – 25Mh/s (разгон)
  • Equihash – 335 Sol / s (overclocking)
  • Samsung memory
  • Lack of video outputs
  • OEM packaging

Of course, everyone is interested in what hashrate the P106 100 has? With optimal overclocking via MSI Afterburner, the card delivers up to 25 MH / s on Ether. Rig on 6 cards produces ~ 148Mh / s and consumes 700W.

How to Maximize: P 106 100 miner 6g hashrate and Mining Profit

P 106 100 miner 6g video card : hashrate on different algorithms and mining profitability

We have compiled a p106 100 map hashrate table for popular algorithms. The numbers may be lower than those stated in the reviews, since the GPU performance directly depends on the manufacturer and the settings of the card for mining. Also in the table below you can see how much profit one card will bring per day. Data presented as of August 2021. Up-to-date information can be calculated on calculator sites.

CoinAlgorithmHashrateIncome in dollars in 24 hours

Ethash21.3 – 24.6 MH / s$1.73

SEROSuper Zero
ProgPowSERO9.77 MH / s$1.17

ETCEthereum Classic
Etchash21.28 MH / s$1.07

ProgPowZ8.99 MH / s$1.03
RVNRavencoinKAWPOW9.98 MH / s$1.04

Autolykos240.03 MH / s$0.98

CuckooCycle3.33 H/s$0.92

BeamHashIII11.11 H/s$0.77
How to Maximize: P 106 100 miner 6g hashrate and Mining Profit

ROI Nvidia GeForce GTX P106 100

We have analyzed how many megahashes the video card produces, but what about the payback period of the equipment? With the cost of a video card on average 25,000 – 30,000 rubles, its payback will be approximately 195 – 225 days. Cost and ROI data are based on August 2021. You can calculate up-to-date information yourself by dividing the cost of the card by the profit from mining in rubles per day. 

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The hashrate of the GTX P106 100 graphics card can be increased by overclocking

To mine cryptocurrencies using the DaggerHashimoto algorithm (Ethereum, Ethereum Classic), you need to reduce the frequency of the video card processor and power limit, and overclock the video memory to the maximum. 

When mining with this algorithm, the temperature of the video card chip is 10 degrees lower and the power consumption is 26% lower, in contrast to EquiHash.

Overclocking options for DaggerHashimoto:

  • Power limit – 80%
  • Core Clock -30Mhz
  • Memory Clock +860 Mhz

Overclocking the P106-100 for ZCash is possible up to 335 Sol / s. 

Rig on 6 cards produces ~ 2000 Sol / s and consumes 950W. To mine cryptocurrencies using the Equihash algorithm (ZCash, Bitcoin Gold), you need to increase the frequency of the video card processor, memory frequency and voltage.

EquiHash overclocking parameters:

  • Power limit – 105 %
  • Core Clock +200 Mhz
  • Memory Clock +800 Mhz

Downvolt video card P106-100

Why reduce the voltage on a graphics card processor? Firstly, power consumption decreases, and secondly, the processor temperature decreases.

  • Optimal core voltage (Power Limit) – 60-70 for Ethereum mining
  • Optimal core voltage (Power Limit) – 90-95 for ZCash mining
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On the one hand, the card is tailored specifically for mining, but on the other hand, its profitability is not that great. In addition, it is now very difficult to find it on sale. However, it still brings profit, and by some standards it is quite tangible. 

We examined the features of the GTX 1060 3gbP106-100 card: how many megahashes the GPU gives out, the peculiarities of working with different algorithms and overclocking parameters. This information will help you effectively use your video card for mining coins.