How to increase NVIDIA Tesla A100 Mining: Overclocking | Drivers | Hashrate

NVIDIA Tesla A100 graphics card is great for mining. Next, we will select the optimal overclocking parameters for mining on NVIDIA Tesla A100. Let’s find out which drivers to use the most correctly and efficiently. Let’s look at the main characteristics and measure the hash rate for popular algorithms.


NVIDIA Tesla A100 was released on May 14, 2020. Average power consumption is 250.0W. The maximum allowable temperature of the graphics chip is 94 ° C

NVIDIA Tesla A100 Profitability

The current market price and profitability of the NVIDIA Tesla A100 video card in mining fluctuates depending on the value of the cryptocurrency. The information in the plate is updated once a day.

View the full table of GPU profitability sorted by price, revenue, and ROI.

Хешрейт NVIDIA Tesla A100

We have compiled the NVIDIA Tesla A100 hashrate table for popular algorithms. If you are just choosing a video card for mining , and you already know what kind of coin you will mine, then you can estimate the approximate performance from the table. We also have an article on what a hash rate is .

 Ethereum (ETH)DaggerHashimoto ETH175.0 MH / S
 Ethereum Classic (ETC)Etchash175.0 MH / S
 Expanse (EXP)DaggerHashimoto EXP175.0 MH / S
 Ubiq (UBQ)Bashash175.0 MH / S
 Ravencoin (RVN)KawPow69.0 MH / S
 Beam (BEAM)BeamHashIII36,0 H/S

NVIDIA Tesla A100 Driver

When installing NVIDIA Tesla A100 drivers, it is always recommended to uninstall the current drivers first. This way you can be sure that the DCH drivers will not be installed by Windows 10.

You can download the NVIDIA Tesla A100 drivers here. We recommend trying different driver versions. Some driver versions can cause problems during mining. Installing an older version may fix the problem. 

Overclocking NVIDIA Tesla A100 for mining

We will overclock NVIDIA Tesla A100 for mining using MSI Afterburner. You can find it in Yandex. The program interface is very simple, albeit a little colorful) To overclock the video card, we need two sliders:

  • Core Clock – overclocking by the core, increases the core frequency;
  • Memory Clock – memory overclocking, increases the memory frequency.
  • Power Limit – allows you to increase or decrease the power consumption of the video card.

You need to change the frequency values ​​a little. Then test the stability of the work. If all is well, then we increase the frequency even more. If the video card starts to malfunction or the driver crashes, then we just reduce the frequency and that’s it. There will be no harm. Next, we will look at the overclocking parameters for popular algorithms.

Overclocking NVIDIA Tesla A100 for Ether

To overclock NVIDIA Tesla A100 for mining ether or other coins using the DaggerHashimoto algorithm, you need to increase the memory frequency, and, on the contrary, lower the core to save energy. it does not affect the mining speed.