How to increase RTX A4000 Mining: Overclocking | Hive OS | Hashrate Max

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Overclocking AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Mining

How to increase/ Optimized/ Max RTX A4000 Mining’: Overclocking | Best Hive OS Settings and Rave OS | Hashrate Max – Mining with RTX A4000. Overclocking, settings, profitability – In mining RTX A4000 in terms of profitability is close to RTX 3070. Hashrate, overclocking, profitability are also at the level of RTX 3070. But RTX A4000 has 16Gb video memory, in contrast to 8GB on RTX 3070.

The RTX A4000 is a line of professional work cards. This is not a game card.

The consumption of the card with optimal overclocking under Ethereum is about 125W. Which is again one-on-one in mining just like the RTX 3070.

RTX A4000 Specifications

GPU characteristicsNVIDIA RTX A4000
Video memory size16GB GDDR6 with Error Correction Code (ECC)
Display connectors4 x DisplayPort 1.4
Maximum power consumption140 watts
Data busPCI Express Gen 4 x16
Form factorHeight 11.2 cm (4.4 inches) Length 24.1 cm (9.5 inches) Width in one slot
VR supportYes
RTX A4000 Specifications

Overclocking and optimal settings for RTX A4000 mining

For the optimal hash rate, which is approximately 63 Mh / s, you need to perform the following overclocking and tuning. An example will be in Rave OS, if there is no account, register using the link.

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In the Memory Clock field, set 2400 Mhz. Depends on video memory. If you have Samsung, the card is quite capable of taking this frequency, if not, it will be 2250-2350 Mhz. Setting up RTX A4000 in Rave OS

Let me remind you that we go to Workers – select a worker with an RTX A4000 and go to the TUNING tab.

  oc --fixclk=1100 -fixpstate=1
oc —fixclk=1100 -fixpstate=1

In the SET tab, write oc -fixclk = 1100 -fixpstate = 1. It is analogous to P0 in Windows. 1100 is the optimal value.

If you’re having trouble with Rave OS, read about overclocking and configuring Rave OS.

For mining on the RTX 3090 video card, we recommend the Binance pool, the most reliable and convenient, since it is both an exchange and a pool with minimal fees. Read how to mine on the Binance Pool on the website. As well as the Hive OS operating system. Link to register Hive OS (with the InsidePC promo code, you get $ 10 to your account).

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For stable operation of video cards in the rig, make the correct bios settings for the motherboard for mining.

Profitability of A4000 in mining various coins

  • ETH 63.44Mh – core 1100, memory 2400 Mhz. Consumption 125W.
  • Autolykos 151.50Mh – core 1500, memory 2400Mhz. Consumption 125W.
  • Octopus 52.85Mh – 1100 core, 2400Mhz memory. Consumption 140W.
  • BeamV3 31.50H – we can’t overclock the core and memory and don’t make any adjustments. Consumption 140W.
  • KawPow 26.44Mh – kernel and memory are not overclocked. Consumption 140W.

At the current Ethereum exchange rate, the profitability of the RTX A4000 video card is approximately $ 4.10 per day, taking into account the outlet. The card can bring in income of $ 123 per month.

Payback RTX A4000 in mining

Setting up RTX A4000 in Rave OS

The card costs about $ 1800 at the end of December 2021. Those. the payback period for the video card is 14 months. To do this, divide 1800 by 123.

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At the moment, the card costs less than the RTX 3070, which makes it much more interesting to consider for mining. The only problem is that the card is not playable and when mining comes to an end, it will not work to play on it and it will be problematic to sell it.

But if you are considering a card exclusively for mining, you can take it without any problems. The card has very good energy efficiency.