How to Install Play Store on TV with Android System – Easy Steps

How to Install Play Store on TV with Android System

How to Install Play Store on TV with Android System

The main difference between the Android TV Box, the Fire TV Stick and Google+ TV, is that the latter are designed exclusively to consume content via continuous use. Android TV Box is not much more than a small device managed by Android TV that we can connect to any TV through the HDMI port. This device is designed to take up very little space, so it fits almost anywhere. If your device’s memory is full, free up some space so you can install the app. Your app will continue to install and you will be able to start using it as soon as the download is complete.

That is, you will not be able to install the browser simply by searching the Play Store and pressing install. As we have explained in the previous section, you must download the APK file and then open it through a file browser and proceed with the installation. It is a somewhat long development, but once finished Google chrome will work normally. You can only download apps that are compatible with TVs. These apps have the potential to differ from apps for smart mobile gadgets. At the moment we will not need to enter our app store, but we will be able to get apps on Android television from our mobile device.

We Teach You To Have The New Android Tv

If so, it will be extremely simple to install an app from your mobile browser on the TV. As we told you at the beginning, televisions with Android TV are accompanied by Google plus Play to install applications. However, the experience is not very comfortable and fast for customers, since not only is something hidden, but we will have to type with the TV remote. Therefore, the first thing we are going to have to do is download Send Files to television, both on the television and on the Android phone. And it is that, the main problem that we find is the fact of transferring these APK files to the TV. Although, we will also be able to use a microSD card or flash drive, but we recommend the previous application, since it will make things quite easy for us.

how to install play store on tv with android system

As long as you have a subscription to the streaming platform, since the app is not included by default, otherwise you will have to log in. In addition, you may find a direct input button from the TV remote. In the case of models with the Saphi operating system, it will come pre-installed on the Smart TV. The Android TV platform belongs to the most diverse when it comes to the availability of apps. Exactly the same as your Android smart phone, you get access to Google plus Play Store on your Android TV to download apps and games of your choice. However, only some of the Play Store apps are available for Android TV. Take, for example, Google+ Google chrome.

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Install a file manager on your Android TV. We tend to suggest File Commander, although almost any other will do as long as you access the package installer (most). The first method that we had taught you came out deploying on the different devices. Therefore, over the years, it will now be enabled throughout the world and for all users.

Applications on Android TV

When a Google plus account is added to the TV, you can enter the Google+ Play Store from the Home menu of the TV. It is true that everything is organized by categories, and you can use Google+ Assistant to carry out specific searches. But it is also a fact that the real app from the Play Store is preferable to this option. And Google plus TV boasts an interesting and deductible work platform so that you can enjoy all kinds of applications with which you can squeeze the possibilities of this OS to the limit. Under Apps, select Google Play Store. You’ll be prompted to sign in to your Google plus account if you haven’t already done so. On TVs with Android 8.0 Oreo OS, select Apps, then Google plus Play Store.

Here, you will have to press on the bar to see the list of gadgets with your Google plus account that are compatible with that app, next to a thumbnail. Finally, you will only have to choose the television and press the green Install button. Essentially, this software tool will take care of the transfer of all kinds of files between the TV and the phone, whether they are documents, multimedia files, etc. It is for this reason that the main requirement is going to be that we have Send files to TV installed on the mobile and on the device with Android television. In addition, the two gadgets must be connected to the same Wi-Fi connection. Although it also allows us to have apps and connect a control command, due to the lack of storage, it is not advisable.

To distinguish them, a down arrow will appear on the dispose button. Still, it will be possible to check several boxes and uncheck the smartphone itself, while it will be selected by default. In the end, the application that we had chosen will be downloaded automatically on our TV once it is turned on and connected to the Internet.

In this case, we are going to use the Play Store by having the Google plus operating system. However, there are different ways to make it easier to add new software to our Android television. When you have the downloaded file, you must have a file browser such as File Commander (which you can find in the Play Store) to access it. Also make sure that you have accepted the permissions to install apps from others on your TV.

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As long as we have the Google+ OS. Still, we will teach you how to add other software through APK files. With what you will get to have a wide range of occasion from now on. You can also use the File Commander app to download applications via a USB stick or hard drive.

If you have a Philips Smart TV, you can check in its data sheet what type of operating system it has, for example, or whether or not it has the opportunity for ‘smart’ functionalities or not. Models of all ranges or costs with which you will be able to access voice control with artificial intelligence or the main streaming applications. Puffin television. One of the few browsers for Android television. Quite powerful, very complete and adapted to use with the remote control, you can download it from this link. Deezer is another audio-on-demand platform that also offers its app for TVs and players. If you have a subscription, you can download the app from here. The much more common streaming audio interface app.

is it available to everyone?

It also includes Chromecast that comes inside so you can send content from your mobile to the Philips Smart TV. In the catch provided by that user from Reddit you can see the list of available gadgets in which the application can be used. Our television is chosen, and we simply have to click on the install button so that we now have the application available on our television. You can access titles via continuous use on TV and without needing more devices than a Bluetooth controller and log in with your account, because yes, you do need to be a Game Pass subscriber. You can install the file after downloading it from Apk Mirror.

1Deleting application data permanently deletes all files, changes, accounts, databases, etc. You will be able to leave the remote control on the table and thus avoid searching for applications from the Android TV interface on your Smart TV. Find the downloads folder, click on the received APK, accept the installation of unknown sources and also install the app. Install the Send files to television app on your Android TV and on your mobile. By pressing it you will access the Android television environment and there you will see an icon of the Google+ Play Store.

Having a Smart TV with Android TV or Google+ TV means having access to hundreds of apps. The options are enormous and that can mean that, just like with a smartphone, sometimes we get lost with so many possibilities to choose from. Hence, we are going to try to assist by reviewing some of the most interesting applications. The app that we are talking about enables the transfer of all kinds of files between the TV and the smartphone, whether they are photographs, documents or, as in the case at hand, APKs. The requirement is that Send files to television must be installed on the mobile and on the device with Android TV; with the obligation that both have to connect to the same WiFi network. But, to achieve this, we must confirm that the Android TV is associated with our Google+ account.

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Save my name, email and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hit the start button on the TV remote. Open the “Start” menu with the button on the remote control and go to the Applications shelf.

How to Start an Installed App

If you want to use the on-screen keyboard, press the right arrow button to display it. Make sure the TV is connected to a network with an active Internet connection. Find information and receive instant alerts about your product. 5 Please note that performing a factory reset also resets the TV’s video measurement settings. For now, Google+ has not officially announced the availability of this novelty to install apps on Android TV from mobile phones, so be alert to it because it may arrive at some point.

You have to press on the next button on the remote to access the Android menu of the 4K deco. ● The TV has been updated to the latest software version. Finally, choose Play Store so that the button you have assigned automatically opens the Google plus app store. Once you have downloaded the App, select the button on your controller that you want to remap. At the time Google+ presented its new Chromecast, it was surprising for being the company’s first stick to incorporate an operating system.

For this article, we choose to install Google+ Chrome on our Android TV. The TV runs an Android operating system. You have the possibility to install additional applications through the Google plus Play Store. The rest of the televisions have a succession of pre-installed apps or have applications that are installed and uninstalled from the server system. For the latest apps, perform a TV software update.

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