How To Install Solar Panels At Home Step By Step – Easy Steps

How To Install Solar Panels At Home Step By Step

How To Install Solar Panels At Home Step By Step

However, we must bear in mind that the work completed by ourselves may have essential disadvantages, such as putting our safety at risk. If you have accepted the initiative of certain installers that you have consulted, the next thing, as is logical, will be to copy the materials (family solar panels, structure, inverters, cable…) for their subsequent installation as soon as they arrive. construction site. In short, the total cost of a photovoltaic installation will never be fixed, since it will depend on the power required and the number of panels that need to be installed. In any case, given that the price of solar panels is currently very low, if the orientation is not the best and we have plenty of space, we can always choose to add another panel to compensate for the loss of generation. Once the need for space has been clarified, it is essential to understand the orientation and slope of the roof.

If your installation is separated from the electrical network, you do not have to do this. Also, it is a requirement to use MC4 connectors and concrete wiring for photovoltaic installations that offer protection from the sun. ▶ Put the supports of the photovoltaic installation with the proper orientation and inclination. With more than 40 years of experience, Atersa is a benchmark in the sector in the design and distribution of solar electrical systems, both off-grid and connected to the grid. Lastly, if self-consumption has been legalized in the form of surplus injection, the Ministry of Industry will inform the marketing company that a self-consumption with surplus injection was installed in a given CUPS. The marketer and the user will agree on the value at which the surpluses will be compensated.

If whatever the government decides to change the law and modify the structure of the electric bill, our economic study would change. It could happen that the government decides to increase the weight of the fixed part of the bill (although that of Spain now has one of the most expensive fixed terms in Europe) or that the payment for surplus energy discharged into the network is reduced. In some of the cases, our economic study would have to be updated. If you want to save the energy you generate, in addition to installing solar panels in your home, it is also interesting how the batteries are connected.

For homeowners with limited roof space, efficiency is paramount. So we must make sure to buy solar panels with high efficiency. Most of the best solar photovoltaic panels tend to be monocrystalline. One of the first problems we run into is figuring out where to get the right photovoltaic panels.

How long does it take to install a solar panel?

Finally, the hybrid ones that allow us to use both previous technologies in the same switchboards and allow us to produce electricity and heat with the same installation. The installation time of solar panels will depend on the composition of your roof, the number of solar panels and the type of self-consumption solar energy you have chosen. They are not only profitable systems, it is also a simple technology whose installation can be done in 3 or 4 days, however, the distribution of the order of photovoltaic panels can last from 1 to 2 months. According to the specialized company SotySolar, the return or amortization is between five and ten years, but it depends on the size of the installation and the method of payment. In addition to this, this company offers the opportunity to carry out a study according to your specific situation or according to the installation you wish to put in, since amortizing the installation of solar panels is something very precise.

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As important as the installation of the solar panels are the administrative procedures and the licenses that must be requested; and, before continuing, understand the consumption needs of the home and the size of the installation that will be necessary to meet that demand. The installation of solar panels requires a device from experts in solar energy. Development is not easy, so it is essential to have the right professionals. In this way it is the assembly of the plates that will give electricity to your home or office allowing you to save and contribute to the environment. If you do not want to complicate yourself, you can contact a professional expert in photovoltaic systems who will carry out all the legal procedures and study all the material you will need, such as the installation of solar panels and other components of the photovoltaic modules. .

Costs have yet to come down, and having the opportunity to be compensated for surplus electricity is not worth storing. Another thing is that you want to have batteries to find energy independence and isolate yourself from the power grid, but that would require a separate article and analysis. In any case, certain available public aid also subsidizes battery installations, so in such a case they have the possibility of being an option to consider. A self-consumption system from the sun allows any person or company to produce their own energy. It can be installed in practically any kind of building, from a single-family house, through a block of flats, to a school, a self-service or any industrial pavilion.

Space availability, do I have room on the roof?

What Ikea gives us are 2 systems, SOLSTRALE or its more efficient PLUS version, in different sizes depending on your home or consumption. The much more accessible option is four 340W or 390W photovoltaic panels “for a house or small dwelling with limited consumption during the day” for about 4,100 euros with VAT included in its normal version or about 5,000 euros with VAT included in its PLUS version. In the case of the 12 panels that it offers in its much more complete option for “a much larger house or dwelling, well equipped or with essential consumption during the day” it includes twelve 340W or 390W panels for 6,633 euros or the Plus version for about 7,800 euros with VAT included. Photovoltaic solar energy is a cheap alternative, although it seems that the investment is high. The installation of solar kits or small installations are not very complex and large projects are not required.

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As far as procedures are concerned, it will be necessary to pay the Construction and Works Tax, the Real Estate Resources Tax and/or the environmental authorization process, although this is not required in all cases. The duration of the administrative procedure, depending on the autonomous community, will last approximately between 1 and 2 months. The consumer has signed a single supply contract for the associated consumption and for the auxiliaries with a marketer. Hello, my name is Alexander, Owner of a site, lover of the whole world of computing, technology and everything related to it…

how to install solar panels at home step by step

By putting the rest of the missing panels or elements; We proceed to cut the gutters with a jigsaw and a blade for the plastic. Once the two rails are fixed to the ceiling; the union plates and the photovoltaic plate will be placed. Each and every one of the generators bring their instructions for installation, it is enough to have elementary understanding of electricity to be able to carry it out. It is also the situation of the plants built in a condominium, but with individual service, you only need the authorization of the same building and not a municipal authorization. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. They allow the functionalities to continue to progress through the analysis of website traffic and suggest personalized content to you.

Home Ideas

Find capital thanks to the surplus energy produced that your home does not need to supply its consumption. Once the installation is finished, the EDP specialists will leave the panels working and you will be able to control the use from the EDP Solar Application. Fotocasa Energy Calculator in collaboration with EDP you will be able to access an indicative budget of what the installation would cost depending on your home.

How much is it going to cost us, how long will it take to recover the money we have invested in this installation of solar panels or how much are we going to save in the coming decades if we decide to bet on self-consumption. And without surpluses, as its name indicates, it is a piece of equipment or installation that does not release energy into the network and that prevents moving surpluses to the distribution network. That is, you do not receive financial compensation, but the owner is solely responsible for both the “virtues” and possible problems. The enormous benefit of self-consumption without surpluses is that the procedure is considerably simpler than in the previous case and several of the requirements of the previous section are not precise, such as entry and connection permits, for example. As a general rule, this case is much more advisable, since it greatly speeds up all the administrative procedures to carry out the installation. It is not normally necessary for installations of less than 100 kWp, although you should consult it according to the Autonomous Community in which you live or the place where you are going to have the solar panels in case it is a protected territory, for example.

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In the case of wanting to store energy in the batteries, it is attractive to know how to connect the batteries. Once the boards are already well attached to the structure, the next step is to wire them. In most cases the panels are wired from the factory, however, they need to be connected to the inverter, which is usually at a certain distance from the panels, so the panels will have to be wired to it. Saving energy has become a priority in many homes, either simply by being more aware of their energy consumption or by using renewable energies to reduce consumption. Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations, with a master’s degree in Marketing Management.

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In summary, it can be said that today we are at the most remarkable moment to carry out a self-consumption solar installation. However, it is essential to get informed and compare, and above all to stay away from those that promise impossible savings or propose oversized installations. However, it is convenient to use some care to ensure that each and every one of the elements of our enterprise works correctly and we are obtaining the maximum performance. Normally, self-consumption kits have user manuals to carry out the photovoltaic installation individually.

Depending on the type and inclination, this process is carried out in different ways. Once it is clear how to arrange solar panels it is essential that faults are not reported. The much more frequent ones are usually to install them in lines, in such a way that some shade the others, and anchor them poorly. So much so, that the biggest inconvenience is not going to be that it manages to cause leaks inside, but that a strong gust of wind causes them to lose their anchorage and cause essential damage or even worse. Generally, you will be interested in having hybrid solar panels, since they solve each and every one of the energy problems that a home usually has.

In case you are in charge of the installation, you will have to carry out each and every one of the bureaucratic procedures and the design scheme of the solar installation. The installation costs for ceilings or roofs of own homes, fluctuate around 7,000 euros for a proportion of six frames. Measure the voltage generated by the solar panel in a vacuum (without load, that is, without having any equipment connected and turned on), before connecting it to the equipment. The information and much more finished content about the world of self-consumption of the sun.

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