How to know if a person silenced you on Twitter? – Blocked content

How to know if a person silenced you on Twitter? – Blocked content

Social networks like Twitter, they have become the favorite platforms for millions of users who access them to interact and share multimedia content. But it may happen that you do not like the messages that a user uploads and you decide to delete it in the case of Twitter. Here we tell you the steps to silence it or what happens if another user blocks you.

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How different are the mute and block functions on Twitter?

This social network gives the user the opportunity to control their interaction experience, by saying which contact or comments to see. And for this it is used the mute function which is not so different from blocking, it can be said that both are similar.

When you mute someone to not see their comments, is a subtle and polite way to block someone on Twitter without having to do it directly and thus avoid having to explain why they have been blocked.

Can I see the Tweets if they have me muted?

The answer to this question is no, by silencing someone on Twitter, that contact will be able to comment on your Tweets but you will no longer be able to ver sus Tweets in your timeline, that is, you will not be able to view its content, its chronology and notifications. And obviously that contact won’t know that you’ve silenced it either.

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How does the tweetdeck help me to know who has silenced me?

This tool allows you manage your Twitter account among the steps you can take with Tweetdeck is to check if someone has silenced you. To carry out this you must enter Tweetdeck and edit a column on the main screen, to that screen you must add the contact that you suspect has silenced you.

Then you publish a Tweets to everyone who follows you and if it is displayed in that column it is because you have not been muted. Otherwise, you will see that you have been silenced.

What are the steps to use the mute function?

If you are not very interested in the comments that does one of your followers on Twitter, or you are simply annoyed by its activities, you can silence it.

The process is as follows: You enter the application, open the tweet and choose the icon identified with a down arrow, then you choose silence. Now, to silence the user profile, do the following: go to the profile of the person to be silenced, choose the button with the three menu points and finally click on the Silence option.

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What methods to use to find out if I have been blocked on Twitter?

Manual method

Try tweeting to the person you suspect has blocked you. Then in the search box Enter the name of the user included with the at sign and if you notice that your tweet is not displayed, it is because the user could not receive it because he has blocked you. If you want more help you can go to Twitter help center.

Automatic method

In this method, the profile of the person we suspect has blocked us is entered and if we observe that not shown with the condition of Following, it could be an indication that you have been blocked or unfollowed.

Therefore, to be sure, click on the “Follow” option and if immediately shows you a message notifying that you have been blocked and cannot follow that account. So they have effectively blocked you.

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What happens if another user blocks me on Twitter?

Stop viewing posts

If someone has blocked you from their Twitter account, automatically will stop being your follower and viceversa, and that is why you will hardly be able to view their publications, and of course you will not find their Tweets if they have an open account.

Exits from the friends list

When you follow someone on Twitter you can see the list of contacts in common. But the opposite happens when that person blocks you, you immediately leave the friends list, so you will not be able to see the list of those who follow and followers. Breaking contact with that user.

Does not appear in suggestions

Twitter has a very interesting functionality like other social platforms, which shows the user contacts as a suggestion to follow. But when you block a Twitter contact, the social network will not show you suggestions regarding that user for you to follow.

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