How to know if someone is reading your messages on WhatsApp

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How to know if someone is reading your messages on WhatsApp. How to know if they spy on me on Whatsapp? While it seems impossible at first glance, the fact is that other people can access your messages on WhatsApp to read them without you knowing. The best you can do is learn to find out if anyone else is reading your messages on WhatsApp and how to remedy the situation if necessary.

How to understand if Whatsapp is under control? Although the developers of WhatsApp have made a considerable effort to create one of the most secure and privacy-conscious messaging applications, including the inability to activate the application using the same phone number on two different smartphones, the problem arises with WhatsApp Web, which was released shortly after the WhatsApp application for PC and Mac.

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Both the WhatsApp Web service and the WhatsApp PC application work as a mirror of all conversations made on the mobile. The moment you have paired your phone with your PC, you will be impressed to see all your conversations, including media files, in your browser window or on your desktop.

However, if you have a PC that you have access to, this feature is quite handy, but if someone else wants to read your messages, you can easily do so using the same system. Just have a smartphone handy.

How to know if someone is reading our messages on WhatsApp and how to remedy the situation

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As mentioned above, it is relatively easy for someone to read WhatsApp messages if they have accessed your mobile for a few minutes. The trick is WhatsApp Web. This option has led to the appearance of several applications for Android and iPhone that simulate the behavior of the WhatsApp application on the desktop or web.

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Most of them stand out because they allow WhatsApp to have two accounts on the same phone, although some developers are more honest in their description by warning the user that these applications are also used to spy on our children.

An example of a useful application to facilitate spying on a WhatsApp account would be WhatsWeb For WhatsApp Web, an application available on the Google Play Store, but there are other similar applications to help duplicate a WhatsApp account on a second device with a completely different number.

The good thing is, it’s not very hard to tell if someone else is getting the same messages as you. If you want to know how, the first thing you should do is log into your WhatsApp Web application.

Taking into account that all the solutions detailed above use the WhatsApp Web system, in the main window you have to click on the three dots at the top right to open the menu, after which you have to click on WhatsApp Web.

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How to know if someone is reading your messages on WhatsApp

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When the WhatsApp Web option opens, you will be able to see all systems and browsers connected to your WhatsApp account. By implication, everyone has access to the conversation history.

If the list that appears in front of you is empty, and the WhatsApp Web section asks you to pair your browser or desktop client, you are lucky it means that no one reads the messages you receive, unless you have physical access to the unlocked phone. .

Even if you can’t do anything, at least this way you’ll make sure no one else reads your future messages. To do this, a simple gesture of scrolling from right to left per delete browsers and computers that seem strange to you in the WhatsApp web list.

On the other hand, you can also click on the button at the end “Close all sessions” at the same time. Although in some cases you see “Chrome” or “Firefox” as open sessions it could actually be a spy application that has dubbed your account on another terminal.

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Ideally, you should check this list weekly so you are sure no one else is reading your messages on WhatsApp.

How to know if we have WhatsApp Web open on another device

Did you know that you can tell if you have WhatsApp Web open on another device ? For quite some time, this app has allowed us to use this web utility as an extension to the phone app, and it can be opened in any browser.

Several WhatsApp sessions can be opened on different computers , so you can chat from your PCs as long as you have the phone by your side. That list of open sessions appears in the WhatsApp application for the phone.

Therefore, it is possible to have WhatsApp Web open in several places , although it will only work in the browser that you have open at that moment where you are chatting, but the interesting thing is that you will be able to know if there is more computer that has a window of this utility open even if it is not being used.

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How to know if we have WhatsApp Web open on another device : On Android

If you have an Android phone, to find out if you have WhatsApp Web in the browser open on another site, follow these steps:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone and go to the “Chats” tab. Access the menu that is right at the top right and click on “WhatsApp Web.”
  2. There you can see the WhatsApp Web sessions you have opened on other sites. Specifically, you will be able to know the date of the last activity, the browser used with which you opened the new WhatsApp Web tab and the operating system from where it was opened
  1. To close a session you just have to follow a few simple steps . We recommend that if you see that any of the sessions has a date of several days or even months ago, it is recommended that you close it and leave the one with a more current date .
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How to know if we have WhatsApp Web open on another device : On the iPhone

In case your phone is an iPhone, the procedure to know if WhatsApp Web is in another location and to be able to close the ones you want is something different, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the “settings” tab at the bottom.
  2. Now go to WhatsApp Web.
  3. You will see the open sessions, to close any of them slide your finger to the left over any of them and click on “close session”, although if you want to close them all at once, you have the option to ” close all sessions “.

These sections are quite useful if you have opened WhatsApp Web on an unknown computer and you did not remember to close it correctly when you finished, because from here you can close all open sessions so that no one can see your chats.

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Things you have to know

About open WhatsApp sessions on various devices you should know some details, such as the following:

Can I have WhatsApp open in multiple locations?

Yes, the truth is that you can have your WhatsApp account open on several devices, as long as they are different computers. For example, you could have a WhatsApp instance in the Edge browser and also, on another PC, a WhatsApp instance in Chrome.

Does that mean that I can use in all those locations?

Nope, when we explained how WhatsApp Web worked , we clarified that to use an instance of the application it is necessary for the phone to be nearby, so only the one where the phone is close can be used, the others are rendered useless.

Is WhatsApp Web free?

Yes, it is a free section of WhatsApp, it really is like an extension of the mobile app to use WhatsApp on the computer.

Is WhatsApp Web the same as WhatsApp for desktop?

It really is almost the same, although they do offer some differences as we already told you when we explained whether to choose between WhatsApp Web or desktop .

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In this simple way you can know if you have WhatsApp Web open in another location than your computer, so that you can close these sessions quickly so that only the ones that you have actually opened are in use.