How To Know My WiFi Password If I Can’t Remember It – Quick Guide

How To Know My WiFi Password If I Can’t Remember It – Quick Guide

When having a WiFi network, it is most recommended that it has a password that prevents anyone from connecting; but, on many occasions we forget what password we have placed. Therefore, in this article we want to show you how can you know the password of your WiFi, and even how to know who is connected to your network.

What is the easiest way to know my WiFi password?

To know the password of your WiFi there are two very simple ways; the first that we can mention is that generally, The routers on the back have a label. On this label you will find detailed information about it, such as the model of the device and also the factory password.

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In case you are sure that the factory password was never changed, then there, on that label, you will find it along with the other data. The second way to know the password is entering the settings of your router from a mobile that is connected to the WiFi network.

What applications can I use to know my WiFi password?

As technology has advanced so much, many applications or Web pages have been created with which you can know the password of your private WiFi network. In this article we want to help you mentioning the 3 most recognized and used in the world to solve this problem.

WiFi Password Recovery

With the application of WiFi Password Recovery you will be able to recover, as its name says, the password of a WiFi to which you have connected before. The only way to take advantage of this application if you have an Android operating system is if your mobile is rooted; If you have it, then you authorize the App to access your network history.

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The application will take care of doing a scan on your mobile and thus, recover the information or the password you are looking for; for this, you must have a backup.

WiFi password viewer

Also known by its name in English as WiFi Password Viewer, an application with which you can check the passwords of networks to which you have been connected. This free platform works in an automated way managing and saving copies of each of the passwords on your Android mobile.

On the other hand, the same application allows you to scan a WiFi network and see its details; although it will not allow you to hack into any private network.

WiFi password recovery

Like others, this last application helps you recover a password for a Wi-Fi wireless signal from your mobile’s history. Its main characteristics are that no works as a private network hackerRather, it creates backup copies and recovers passwords quickly and securely.

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How do I know who else is connected to my WiFi?

To know if some other device is connecting to your WiFi in any way, what you have to do is enter the router configuration from your mobile. To do this, click on the nut icon that appears next to the network you are connected to, and then enter the options and select ‘Manage router’.

detect wifi key from pc

Automatically, the browser will appear on the screen with the IP address of your router, where you will have to enter the username and password, which may be ‘admin’ in both.

Once inside the settings you go to ‘Access Control’ or some similar name, option where you can see how many and which devices are connected. If you don’t know one, you can disable it so that it cannot connect again due to an IP address error or you can change the name and password.

How can I change my WiFi password?

Changing your WiFi password is simple, for this you must follow the same steps that we explained above to find out who is connected to your network. Already when you are within the settings of your router, Look for the section ‘Network name’ or SSID, and there you will also see the option to change the password.

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The most recommended thing is that when changing the password you put a password that is strong and difficult to discover, with combinations of letters, upper or lower case and numbers.