How to Know or Check if I Have Available Updates on My Android

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How to Know or Check if I Have Available Updates on My Android

One of the things that can be highlighted the most in mobiles with the Android operating system is its constant updating: precisely that makes it so easy to use; since it is gradually integrating improvements that benefit all audiences. Likewise, they add elements that counteract failures or cover new demands … So it can be very common that every 3 months or so we have to install a new patch.

And how do we find out about it? Usually, it is notified in the status bar by the mobile itself. However, sometimes these notifications arrive some time after it is available, even up to a week to appear. Although it is nothing serious, if you are at the forefront of the news and want to have everything on time, we will tell you how to check if you have updates available in you Android.

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Simple steps to check for available updates to my Android’s operating system

System updates refer to versions of the Android system: Each number (such as Android 8, 9 or 10) is a major version, and each update is an addition to the system that keeps it current; this, with the news of the changes made by the appropriate developers. In this way, these updates will not always refer to an Android change, but to a new security patch or interface improvements.

They are very easy to locate, because they are accessed from the device itself, through the settings; However, you should consider that, in contrast to the number of brands on the market, not all reflect this option in the same way. On the other hand, make sure you have at least 30% battery, a good WiFi connection and of course check and update your Android version.

Taking into account the above, access the configuration, and the following will be to locate the space where the equipment information is reflected, it can be “About the phone”, “About the device” or even find it from the “System” group. Here you will see the current Android version and other information about the operating system; being necessary in some cases that enter the version section to bring up the much acclaimed “System Update” option.

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At other times you will find this option as an independent alternative somewhere on the menu; which you can also get from the name “Software updates” “Update now” or “Check for updates”. Regardless of the case, click on that option and you will see how the system takes care of doing a search for packages.

In case of updates, it will be shown together with the permission to install the new version on the computer: Here you only have to click on “Accept” and grant the necessary permissions for the download to start. When the total percentage has been fulfilled, it will be necessary to restart the phone, to synchronize the new version with the cell phone; without fear that the information of the mobile can be erased.

How can I know if the applications of my cell phone can already be updated

How to check if my Android applications have available updates?

Another element within a team that is constantly being renewed are the applications with which it works: There are the applications of the system itself, or those that are obtained through Google Play. Likewise, they are also updated from dissimilar spaces.

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Updates in the applications of the Play Store

To have the most recent version of YouTube, WhatsApp and the like, go to the Google Store menu; you will see the option “My applications and games”, when you click on it, the number of applications that are installed in the system will be displayed and which of them already has updates. You can do the renewal manually by clicking on “Update” one by one; or automatically by clicking on “Update all”.

Updates to system applications

These are the ones that are integrated into the cell phone such as the calculator or the compass: They are updated from the device’s own system depending on how each brand works. You can find the possibility of it through the “Updater of applications of the system”; or through “Applications”. When opening, locate those that refer to those that make up your cell phone, and click on “Update” to start the installation process.

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