How to know which micro SD my cell phone supports?

How to know which micro SD my cell phone supports? – Take a look at these tips, tricks, and solution you can use to make your life much easier with your devices whenever problems arrive and complications which you may find difficult to deal with.

The manufacturer should indicate how much memory does your cell phone support. You should only research its technical specifications on the official website or on alternate websites such as (preferably the former). Specifically, the “expandable memory” part.

You will generally see something like “up to 512GB” or something similar. In theory that means that you can only put a micro SD card of equal to or less capacity than indicated.

Despite what the manufacturer has said, it is possible that an external memory of higher capacity than specified also works. So I have verified.

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For example, the idea is to put a 64 GB external memory in a cell phone whose specifications indicate a maximum of 32 GB. This would help if the micro SD falls short and buying another cell phone with a higher capacity is not an option.

However, I just want to expose this discovery, not recommend it due to the risk of data being erased or not working optimally.

64 GB memory card in a cell phone that holds 32 GB

Memory card capacity (external memory) on Galaxy S3 and S3 mini

Memory card capacity (external memory) on Galaxy S3 and S3 mini

To achieve this, no trick is really necessary. Even possibly all memory is useful. In this example, you could use all of those 64GB of SD.

memory card remove and format - capacityThe only important thing for this to work is the following:

  1. It is necessary to remove the current memory card that is placed in the cell phone (if it has been inserted one) from Settings> Storage> Remove SD card.
  2. Only after doing the above should you put the largest or highest capacity micro SD card.
  3. After the card is inserted, the phone may indicate that it needs to be formatted. In the event that this does not happen you can go back to Settings> Storage and use the option Format SD card.
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128 GB microSD card in cell phone that supports 32 GB

Fat32Format program

Fat32Format program

If the previous method does not work (the micro SD is not recognized or does not show its full capacity), this is another alternative (with the help of a computer), which would even serve to go even further. For example, running a 128GB card in a phone that officially only supports 32GB.

  1. Download the program Fat32Format on the PC (click on the image that appears there).
  2. Put the microSD card into an SD adapter and insert the adapter into the PC
  3. Run the indicated program, choose the letter of the storage unit assigned to the memory (it can be seen in “My Computer”) and click on “Start” to format.
  4. Finally, insert the memory card in the cell phone.

The two methods indicated allow you to force the operation of a memory card with a higher capacity than the one technically supported by a cell phone. But like I said, I cannot guarantee normal operation on all devices. For example, some recoverys may not recognize a higher capacity SD. Also regarding the permanence of the data saved in the SD. Take the precaution of backing up your information in the event of a possible data loss.

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