How to listen to radio on Linux desktop with ease – Easy Steps

How to listen to radio on Linux desktop with ease

Want to listen to the radio on your Linux desktop but can’t find a radio application with a simple user interface? If so, Raddiola is for you. It is a simple and easy-to-use radio program that you can use to listen to Internet radio on the Linux desktop.

Enabling the Elementary OS App Center repository on Linux

If you are looking to use Raddiola on your Linux system to extract text images, you need to configure the Elementary OS App Center repository. This software repository runs through Flatpak and is relatively easy to get up and running.

To start the Elementary OS App Center repository setup process, you need to configure the Flatpak runtime on your computer. You can configure the Flatpak runtime by following our guide on the subject.

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Once you’ve set up the Flatpak runtime on your computer, it’s time to open a terminal window. A terminal window is required to add this repository to your computer. To open a terminal window on the desktop, press Ctrl + Alt + T on the keyboard. Or search for “Terminal” in the application menu.

With the terminal window open and ready to go, it’s time to add the Elementary OS App Center repository to your computer. Using the remote flatpak-add command, add the repository to your system.

flatpak remote-add --user appcenter

With the Elementary OS Flatpak repository enabled on your computer, you will now have access to all the Elementary OS Flatpak applications within the App Center. Including Raddiola, which we are using in this guide.

Installing Raddiola on Linux

Installing the Raddiola application is very easy on a wide variety of Linux operating systems, thanks to Flatpak. In order for the program to work on your computer, open a terminal window and enter the following flatpak installation command below.

flatpak install com.github.tenderowl.Raddiola

Building Raddiola from source code

While we highly recommend installing the Raddiola application on your Linux computer through the App Center Flatpak repository, it is not the only way to get the application working. It turns out that the developer has a GitHub page with the source code of the program.

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In order for the app to work on your system, you will have to do some digging. Unfortunately, the developer has not listed the official dependencies required to build the program. However, Gnome Builder should be able to detect the necessary dependencies and even build it for you without any problems. For more information on Builder, see the Gnome Builder website.

How to listen to radio on Linux desktop with ease

To listen to the radio on the Linux desktop with the Radiola application, start by launching the program. You can start the program on the Linux desktop by searching for “Raddiola” in the application menu. Alternatively, start the program through the terminal with the following command.

flatpak run com.github.alexkdeveloper.raddiola 

With the Raddiola application running, you will see a list of stations to choose from in the application. There is “Trancemission”, “Classical Music”, “NonStopPlay”, “Flip Radio”, “Joy Radio”, “Music Radio”, “Live-icy”, “Dubstep”, “Radio Electron” and “Jazz Legends”. «

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Find the station you want to listen to in the Raddiola application and select it with the mouse. Once you have chosen your preferred radio station, click the play button to start listening to the station.

To stop listening to the station you have selected in Raddiolla, click the stop button. When you select the stop button, playback will stop immediately.

Add stations

The Raddiolla app supports adding custom radio stations. So if you have an internet radio station that you want to listen to, but you are not on Raddiola, you can add it quite easily.

To add a custom radio station to Raddiola, find the “+” button in the application and click it with the mouse. By clicking the “+” button, Raddiola will show you a window with two text boxes.

In the “Name” text box, type the name of the radio station you are adding to the application. Then, in the “URL” box, paste the URL of the radio station. When both text boxes are filled, click the “OK” button to add your new station to Raddiola.

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Delete stations

Tired of specific radio stations in the Raddiola app? Do you want to remove them? Here’s how you can do it.

First, find the radio station you want to remove from the Raddiola app. Then select the station with the mouse. Once you have chosen the station with the mouse, choose the «-« button.

Selecting “-” should remove the station. Feel free to repeat this process to remove as many radio stations as you need.

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