How to lock Android screen WITHOUT BUTTON

How to lock Android screen WITHOUT BUTTON – Take a look at these tips, tricks, and solution you can use to make your life much easier with your devices whenever problems arrive and complications which you may find difficult to deal with.

We show you which are the best applications for lock your android without button.

If for some reason you do not want or cannot use the power button to lock the cell phone, there are alternative methods. One of those is to use an onscreen shortcut. So you can lock the screen in one touch, without pressing the button. power.

I have tried several apps of this type, and the most complete and efficient are the ones mentioned below. They offer support so that you can unlock the cell phone with the fingerprint sensor (in addition to unlocking with a PIN, pattern or password), something that most apps do not offer or are not compatible with.

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Lock Android without button

Turn Off Screen (Lock Screen)

Install the app and activate it following its instructions. Once that is done, you will be able to lock the screen from the direct access button (in the applications menu). On newer devices, the screen will turn off and lock after 5 seconds. For an immediate lock, after it turns off, touch the screen three times (although by doing this you will not be able to unlock with your fingerprint, but only with the configured pin, pattern or password).

This app allows you to add a shortcut to lock the screen from the notification bar, as well as from the quick settings panel.

How to put a screen LOCK on Android

Its great advantage is that you can unlock the cell phone with the fingerprint sensor, something that most applications do not offer. To make this possible, be sure to check the box that says “I DO use fingerprint sensor or Smart Lock”).

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Screen Lock

Application to lock the cell phone without a button

An app similar to the previous one, and although it is in Spanish, it is not the best translation. Also there is too much publicity on it.

After installing, you can check the box “Display in notification”, to block from the notification bar. Optionally you can add a shortcut on the home screen (Home screen display), or a floating button (Float by other applications).

How to lock or disable the TOUCH screen on Android

Also make sure to enable the “Fix fingerprint” option. So you can unlock the cell phone with the fingerprint sensor, so you don’t have to enter the PIN or password manually. But keep in mind that when using this feature, the lock will be activated a few seconds after the screen turns off.


Another application to lock screen without button on Android

If you want a more advanced control to lock and unlock the screen without a button, I recommend you take a look at Gravity Screen. It has many functions that you can customize in an advanced way. And yes, this one also supports the unlock function with the finger sensor.

If you want something simpler, you can try Pocket Lock, although the disadvantage of this one is that it does not offer support for the fingerprint sensor, so you will have to unlock the screen manually.

Before we also recommended Knock Lock, an app to lock the Android screen with two taps on it (by default, in the upper left corner). Unfortunately, like Pocket Lock, if you use Knock Lock, the screen cannot be unlocked with your fingerprint. You must necessarily enter the configured PIN or password. This problem has all the apps that have not been updated to support this function.

When trying to uninstall any of these applications, you may get a warning saying that it cannot be uninstalled and that “the package is a device manager.” This is solved by going to Android Settings> Security and choosing the Device Manager option. There you deactivate the box corresponding to the application and then click on Deactivate. Then you can uninstall.