How to lower the temperature of the video card in games

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How to lower the temperature of the video card in games
– If you are interested in finding more on how this Graphic card will perform then this article will provide all such information and more.

Reducing the temperature of the video card in games. We will analyze all the methods, from the most commonplace, such as purging the case, to the most complex, such as undervolting a video card.

Be sure to make sure that you have the latest drivers.

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We check and clean the video card

The first thing to do to reduce the temperature of the video card is to make sure that the fan and radiator of the video card are purged and nothing interferes with the air flow. If the radiator of the card is clogged with dust or other objects, clean and blow out. We also check the operation of the fans. The fans should run easily and effortlessly. If this is not the case, they must be replaced or cleaned, as well as lubricated with machine oil.

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Make sure the fans are spinning when the card is working. Just do not forget that modern cards only turn on fans at temperatures above 50 or 52 degrees. If you just plugged the card into your computer, do not be alarmed if it will work for some time with the fans turned off.

We blow out the case of a PC or laptop

Correct airflow in the PC case
Correct airflow in the PC case

Make sure your case has at least one blower and one blower fan. This is the minimum that should be. The air intake or intake should be at the rear of the enclosure, exhaust at the rear or side as high as possible.

It is important that warm air does not stagnate in the case and go out. If this condition is violated, all PC components will operate at higher temperatures. Hot air must be removed. Fans that work for blowing should be located at the back top or top of the case, because hot air rises.

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If you have a laptop, make sure the radiators are not clogged and the fans are working. Also make sure the laptop is positioned so that the ventilation holes are not clogged.

Replacing thermal paste on the video card

If everything is in order with the card, and the case is blown out, the next moment in the video card, which is worth paying attention to, is thermal paste.

Dried thermal grease prevents the chip from exchanging normally with the heat sink. Replacement of thermal paste will soon be described on our website. Overall, this is a very simple procedure. It is necessary to remove the card heatsink from the board, remove the layer of the old thermal paste with a regular damp cloth and apply a new one.

After that, make new tests. All of the above methods will help to significantly reduce the temperature of the video card in games and other complex tasks.

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In this video there is a moment with a change in thermal paste.


The last and most difficult procedure for lowering the temperature of a video card in games or other tasks is undervolting.

Undervolting is a procedure for reducing the power consumption of a video card, which leads to a decrease in temperature. Often times, with proper undervolting, the performance of the card does not degrade.

Undervolting a video card can lower the temperature of the card by up to 20 degrees. There is no point in describing the process of lowering the card’s temperature by undervolting. it is different for red and green cards, below there will be links to detailed steps for undervolting a video card and reducing consumption.

We have detailed descriptions of the undervolting of the following cards on our website:

When undervolting, we also control the fan turns by manually setting them. Read about this in the articles.


These methods of reducing heat build-up on your graphics card will help keep the card cooler and will greatly increase its lifespan. And for you, the hum of the fans will be substantially removed. If you know other ways to cool your video card, share them in the comments.