How to Make a Digital Signature in Word – Uses and Benefits of Having It

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How To Create & Apply a Digital Signature in Adobe Acrobat DC for Free

How to Make a Digital Signature in Word – Uses and Benefits of Having It

Getting your own digital signature is extremely simple and easy to achieve with the Word application. If you want to learn how to achieve it then stay, as this article is prepared to explain everything you need to know.

What is the main function of a digital signature?

It is prove the authenticity of some important document, as if you did it personally. This digital signature will show that the documentation comes from the signer and does not have any modification, it is secure; and that the person will not be able to say afterwards that they have not signed.

How can I create a digital signature? – It is safe?

Creating a digital signature is very safe because will offer you authenticity, that is, it will confirm that the other person has signed, because it will guarantee that the document has not had any changes since it was signed.

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Likewise, the document will not be rejected because at no time will the person deny it, and the signatures that we offer you, they certify you a safe brand, since they have a certification validity for various situations.

Design the signature in Word

To create a signature line from Word you must place the pointer where you want it to be displayed the signature line, then go ahead and select the Insert tab and select the Add a signature line option. Then, in Signature Settings, provide the information you want to appear below the signature, such as: Suggested signer, the Title of the suggested signer, and the email address of the suggested signer.

You can also add an instruction in Add instructions for signer, and finally, activate the Allow functions, so that the signer adds their comment in the Sign dialog and the date. But if you still don’t know how to design a signature, you can consult Microsoft’s Technical Support.

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How to digitally sign a PDF document?

Open the PDF document, then click on the Sign icon on the toolbar, it is located in the right pane of the window. Next, place the cursor where you want your identification to appear, then, it will show you two signature options: Add signature and Add initials.

If your first signature, is going to appear signature panelFrom there, you can make your signature written, drawn or you can import the image or scanned document. Then, write your name in the field when choosing Text, draw your signature when choosing Drawing or Image if you want to import it, and finally, save the signature that you can later use and click Apply.

Advantages of the PDF document

Via PDF you can save the document in an intact format, that is, it cannot be edited or modified by another person who does not have access to it. PDF allows you to upload office documents on the Web less heavy, you have the possibility of making or creating a digital signature on a Mac. In addition, it allows you to add forms with fields that you can fill out.

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Draw the signature on a PDF document

First, open the notification to sign the document by clicking on the link notice, for this, the browser will open the agreement and then fill in the information they ask for. After, click on the signature fieldIf this is your first time, choose the Signature icon in the right panel and sign. Next, select Save and to place your signature Click Apply and Click to sign.

digital signature in different microsoft formats

Are digital signatures officially valid?

Indeed, they have the same official validity than that of an autograph signature, which allows those contracts that we enter into electronically to be 100% reliable and valid. In short, our firm intervenes and allows to attribute authorship to the documentation that you are going to require without any security, reliability and validity problem.

Is it possible to add my signature in Excel documents or PowerPoint presentations?

If possible, just go to the File tab, then click Information, select Protect workbook for when working in Excel or Protect presentation for when you are in Power Point. Next, you click on Add a digital signature, read the message that it throws you and click OK. Then write the reason in the dialog box such as: Sign and Reason for signing this document.

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Click Sign, insert your digital signature, a Signatures button will appear and to avoid being modified the file will be read-only.