How to Make or Create Advertising or Ads with TikTok Ads – Complete Guide

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How to Make or Create Advertising or Ads with TikTok Ads – Complete Guide

TikTok is currently on the cusp of consumption: More and more, there are famous profiles with large numbers of followers. Compared to other networks it has a higher percentage. This means that most people are watching more videos of what they communicate with others.

What does this mean? Well, the format of videos of between 15 and 60 seconds has generated a greater communicative effect than posts or messages … That is, the audience is learning, buying or understanding topics, through grace, humor and challenges.

The above, in view of the fact that this way of transmitting helps to create more natural content, with an easy-to-understand arc or common thread. In addition, inspires originality and an informal language, which evokes events or situations from daily life.

However, you should not forget that Digital Marketing handles some essential rules to study before betting on a channel to communicate with your audience. Also, there are a couple of tricks and aspects that you should consider when investing in TikTok ads if you have decided to use it in your campaigns … and you will know everything below!

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Advantages and benefits of advertising on TikTok

Although TikTok allows you to relax and have fun while you sell by going viral … We must review the principles of Marketing in order to study the effectiveness of an advertising slogan on this social network. To do this, take note of the following points and apply them to your case:

  1. The Buyer Persona: He is the ideal buyer, then, you should create a profile concentrating on the characteristics of that person to evaluate their interests, and thus have more information about them; for example: know what is the best time to post on this social network to increase the audience and have a greater reach.
  2. Forms or channels of communication: It has to be proportional to your audience; To find out, ask yourself … What kind of videos does my Buyer Persona like? Do you consume real life memes and scketchs? Or dances and challenges?
  3. Cost effectiveness: Look at statistics on this social network, and take care of verifying that your buyer persona is on TikTok, because otherwise you will be investing money in vain. In principle we can tell you that 60% of users are between 16 and 25 years old and are mostly women.
  4. Finally, evaluate the budget you have: It requires an investment of approximately 20 euros per day, which may not be very profitable for small companies or accounts with fewer followers at 1k or 1M.
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What is TikTok Ads?

It is the advertising platform of TikTok that has within its possibilities the creating a complete campaign, with ad sets, segments and a specific audience choice. In addition, the budget is divided into the groups you choose, assigning more capital to a series of content, according to your projection.

Also, you can choose to the geographical choice of transmission, and other details that study the profile of each user to whom your advertising will appear; In order for it to be of your benefit, do not dismiss it and pay attention to the information you want to send it.

how to record an advertising video from the mobile for tiktok

How to create a successful campaign with TikTok Ads?

  1. Access TikTok For Bussiness by clicking here, and immediately click on the “Get Started” option. The following will be complete a form with the most basic data of your campaign such as location; and specify if it is an individual brand or a company.
  2. After having filled in all the spaces and clicked on “Next” you will have to sign up for TikTok Ads Manager with an email; password; a subsequent validation of the email; and acceptance of the TikTok Ads terms and conditions.
  3. With the account active, then you must locate the “Campaign” section, then click on “Create” and begin to identify the advertising slogan according to how you need it: Name, daily budget, publications and the choice of platforms where you want it to appear.
  4. Then you must add more specific data such as the keywords of the ads, images, and even the category of the groups (seeking to be exact to be able to segment them among the public).
  5. Finally, you will only need choose the dates in which your advertising will be active, and by clicking on “Start” you will be able to take the campaign for granted in TikTok Ads.
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