How to play a video in reverse on Samsung: Rotate on Android smartphone

Rotate a video on your Android smartphone: this is how you do it: Have you recorded a video in vertical aspect ratio and are you bothered by the black bars? Then it is wise to tilt the recording. Running a video on Android is fortunately very simple.

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Running video on Android: that’s how it works

Many people film vertically with their smartphone, while a film usually comes into its own much better horizontally. By rotating the video, the entire screen is used and you do not suffer from black edges at the top and bottom.

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How to run a video on Android:

  1. Record a video as usual;
  2. Find the video in the gallery and tap on it;
  3. Press the three mixer icons at the bottom;
  4. Choose ‘Rotate’ to tilt the video 90 degrees;
  5. Tap “Save” in the top right.

Keep pressing the button until the video has the aspect ratio you want. Do you have a somewhat older Android smartphone and don’t see the Rotate option in the settings? Then download and install an app to get the job done, like ‘Rotate Video FX’:

  1. Download the free app in Google Play;
  2. Start the app and record a video, or import an existing video;
  3. Give Rotate Video FX permission to view your gallery and if necessary remove an advertisement by pressing the cross in the top left;
  4. Tilt the video as many times as you want;
  5. Tap the Start button and choose ‘Normal method’;
  6. Wait for the video to be processed.
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→ Download Rotate Video FX in Google Play (gratis)

What is the best aspect ratio for my video?

Are you planning to make a video for social media? Then it is probably wise to leave the video vertical. After all, most people use Facebook and Instagram on their phones, so they look at elongated screens.

This is exactly the other way around when you are going to make a video intended for computers. When in doubt between the two, it is wiser to rotate a video horizontally, because that way it is suitable for both wide and elongated screens. After all, people who look at their phone can simply use the device in landscape mode.

Making videos with your smartphone

The whole month of July is Android Planet dedicated to making videos with your smartphone. From the best video editing apps, streaming apps to using your old phone as a security camera, it’s all there. What do you want to know more about? Send your suggestion in an email to, or leave your idea in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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