How to Protect a Document in Word to Protect the Privacy of a Document?

How to Protect a Document in Word to Protect the Privacy of a Document?

With the arrival of the digital age, protect any file is imperative, since current programs are so versatile that they allow you to add a digital signature to a Word document, in that case if you are one of the people who works with sensitive information and you need to protect all your documents.

A good option is password your files At Microsoft, it doesn’t matter that you work with spreadsheets in Excel, presentations or Word, you will still have the ability to code whatever you have.

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What can be obtained by putting a password to a Word file?

Depending on your job no you will only need to lock the filesIn some cases, you will need a colleague to read whatever document is prepared, such as when you make a financial statement in accounting and the audit department is required to have access.

Ideally, in this case, is to restrict the option that allows you to modify the information found in the document, by setting a password you can do that and much more.

Impossible to copy

When you decide to create a password for your Word documents, you will completely prevent them from copying your work. The reason is very simple and it is because if you decide, no user will have access to information, and if you want to share part of the information, you can also do it.

Editing and tampering with information

This item is in accordance with the aforementioned, and occurs very often between very important departments that must be in contact.

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The solution in these cases is to share any document that is required, but when setting a password you must indicate to the Word document that users have permission to view the document without editing or manipulating the information.

Allow read only

When a user has read-only permission is when they cannot edit or modify the one in the document, this option is very useful if you are a teacher and you need to share information with your students, but you don’t want them to accidentally or intentionally alter the information you are displaying.

What is the way to add protection to a Word document?

If you do not know how to include a password to your documents in Word, do not worry, below we will explain in simple steps how to achieve it from any device.

image showing where to add protection to a word document

On a Windows computer

Creating a password in Word using the Windows operating system is a procedure as simple as putting the check mark in these documents, in case you don’t know how to do it, follow the instructions.

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  • The first thing is to enter your Word document.
  • Later go to the save as section, found in the top menu.
  • Proceed to save the file, but verify that the file type says Word in the pop-up window.
  • Look at the bottom for an item called “tools” and click, this is next to save.
  • Doing so will display a list with several options and you must choose “general options”.
  • A window will appear, this includes all the fields that will allow you to establish the access codes.

From a MacOS computer

To add protection to a Word document using a MacO you must do the following, look for the document and open it, then go to the review option that is in the top toolbar. There you will find a section called “protect document” select it and proceed to configure.

For older MAC models

If what you have is an old MAC model and you do not know how to configure the security of the document, do the following, look in the upper menu in your document for the Word option, then select preferences, a window will appear with several items where you will have to look for the one that says “security” clicking on it will display the options that you must enter to save the document.

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configuring the security of a word document

Entering the online site

Definitely having the files in the cloud is the best solution in this time of pandemic, since it allows you to work on the same file with your colleagues and edit it together. But if you need to configure the document to provide security, you can also do it, for this keep the following in mind.

  • Only users with whom you share the document will be able to access Word.
  • From Google Drive there are 2 ways to provide access to information, which are by link or sharing.
  • In any case you can configure the access and indicate who can edit the view only.

To configure security you must do the following, first enter the Drive and look for the file, then locate in the upper panel the share option that is in the right corner.

image showing how to share document with your contacts

When you click, a window will appear that will allow you to send the information to your contacts, you can do it using the email or providing a link which is at the bottom as shown in the picture.

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Keep in mind that documents on the Web have 3 security categories, in case you do not want your contacts to modify the information you must indicate that you share the document as a readerThis way you make sure that everyone who sees it can simply read it, safeguarding the content.

What to do if a document cannot be protected within Word?

If your version of Word does not allow you to protect the document, the best thing is that you try to update the program, since currently all versions include this option.

In case the problem persists, restart your computer and check if it allows you to add a key, in the same way remember that you can always contact Microsoft support to solve any problem.