How to Put a Password to your Word Document? – File Protection

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How to Put a Password to your Word Document? – File Protection

you feel the need to protect a document in word, here we will show you the steps you have to follow to put a password on your file, users will also know all the functions and accessibility settings that this program has, that is why among the many options you can also find how to change or modify the size of the tables in Word.

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What factors should you know before putting a password to a Word file?

Although we know that Word is a program that allows us to access it easily and safely, we have to take into account some factors when putting a password to a document, we will teach you some tricks for that:

  1. You can use a phrase
  2. Toggle between vowels and number
  3. you have to bear in tells how to handle accents and accents

Since if you do not take these methods into account, when you forget your password It will be very difficult for you to recover it, you will not be able to insert, put or write fractions in a document, so you have to know how to choose a good password for your file.

If your Word file is from a version prior to 2019

With the last update of Word, some options changed when putting a password to your document, so I will show you how to do it:

  1. The first thing you have to do is locate the file you want to put a password on.
  2. Go to the File option and hit Save As.
  3. A window will open where you will have to select the Documents option
  4. Select General Options and there you will place the password you want
  5. Then you will give Accept and the desired document will be protected
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add password to word document

There is case sensitivity for the password

There is a big difference when you put the password in your file, because if you don’t know how to differentiate between upper case and lower case It will be a problem when you enter an alternate password and if you don’t realize it, when you want to enter the password you entered and the document does not accept it, it is already because of something wrong that you entered.

How do you put a password in a Word document?

If you want to protect your documents for any reason that you have both Word and the rest of office apps. Note that the procedure is relatively the same for most operating systems. After this you can save documents in PDF.

When you have a Windows PC

  1. Locate the Files option on the toolbar
  2. Next we select where it says Information
  3. Then you press where says Permissions or Protect Documents
  4. Once in that window you will click Encrypt password and there you can put the word or numbers you want to protect your document.
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how to protect my word document

If you have versions prior to MAC 2012

  1. First you locate the Word menu and press where it says Preferences
  2. A window will be displayed where you are going to select the padlock icon
  3. An opening password box will appear and you will place the password you want and you will give Acceptr
  4. Then we confirm the password you wrote and you give it save, so your document will already be protected

For recent MacOS computers

  1. Select the Review option and then you go to where it says Protect Document
  2. A Security tab will open where you will place the password and repeat it to confirm
  3. After the Accept

from the website

To be able to place a password on your document from the web you have to enter Google drive and upload the document in Word format. Then, right-click the document and click on the Share option there you can add or remove anyone who can have access to the document.

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How to recover a password protected document if you forgot it?

It is impossible for you to be able to recover a Word document that has a password, since not even the platform itself microsoft by security politics can help you recover the protected document, so it is important that you do not forget the password you entered.

Word is a program that through its many updates has improved its software with this it has allowed users to users have access to all their settings and functions, among which is how to protect a document with a password.