How to record what you play on your cell phone + show camera (face and voice)

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How to record what you play on your cell phone + show camera (face and voice)
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From Android 5 system onwards it is easier to record what happens on the cell phone screen. It’s just a matter of install an app do this job. And one of them is Google Play Games.

Basically, it is an app that allows you to manage installed games. But it brings a function that allows you to record games. Fortunately, once the recording has started, you can exit the game and record anything to be done on the device.

Record your face and what you comment

If you want to comment on something, the application will record what you speak on the video. also can capture your face with the front camera. Both options can be easily disabled (or reactivated) if you prefer. It offers similar features to YouTube Gaming.

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Unfortunately it only records the external audio picked up by microphone. If you want to record the internal audio you will have to resort to other apps such as Recordable (although the result is not optimal here anyway).

Once recorded, the video will be saved in the device memory, in the carpeta Screencasts. It also can upload directly to YouTube, doing a previous edition on the same platform. The video quality can be chosen before recording. You can choose between HD (720p) and SD (480p) quality.

The only disadvantage that I find to Google Play Games is the button to activate the controls, which will appear in the recording and cannot be hidden.

Google Play Games is no longer factory installed on modern devices. But it can still be downloaded from the Play Store. Remember that in order to start recording, you must have a game downloaded. Only then will the record button appear.

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For older Android versions

If you have an older version of Android, there are also alternatives. For example, in Android 4.4 (onwards) you can record no need to install apps and no root, but the process is somewhat technical. In Android 4.3 and lower versions, root access and an application like Z Screen Recorder are necessarily required.

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