How to Record WhatsApp Video Call and Audio on Android – The Best Apps

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How to Record WhatsApp Video Call and Audio on Android – The Best Apps

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications today In the world, practically anyone with a smartphone has this app installed on their mobile to use it as the main instant messaging platform.

By downloading the WhatsApp app you can send messages, photos, videos and files as well as make video calls with your friends, and if for any reason you want to record the latter, we will tell you how to do it later.

What should you know before recording a WhatsApp video call with audio on your Android?

You must bear in mind that communications should always be private, and more in a social network such as the WhatsApp messaging app that is made to take care of people’s privacy. Also, keep in mind that recording video calls implies that you will make a video on your mobile, and if the call is very long, the video will be too long, which will take up a lot of space on your device.

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Minimum requirements to record screen on a cell phone

The first thing your mobile should have is a function to record screen or have an application installed that allows you to do that. Today almost all devices have an option that allows you to record the screen, so unless your mobile is very old, it will not be necessary to install an application, at least in principle.

In addition, you must take into account that some applications do not allow screen recording while these are running, so it will be necessary to review it before recording.

Nevertheless, the WhatsApp messaging app It is not one of those applications, because when the app is open on your mobile, if you can record the screen, but other social networks such as Telegram do not allow you to do that when you open a secret chat, then be careful with this issue.

Ask for people’s consent in the video call

When you are in a video call with one or more people on WhatsApp remember that it is extremely important that let them know that you are going to record the call before doing so. As we mentioned, WhatsApp is an application that takes care of privacy, and if you record a conversation without having the authorization of the parties that participate in it, you could get into trouble.

What is the way to record a WhatsApp video call with audio from your Android?

We told you above that today practically all mobiles have a choice that allows you to record the screen without installing an app, and this is true.

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If you think about the most popular Android mobile brands, practically none of them miss out on this function; Xiaomi integrates its screen recorder that has an option to record audio Also, so does Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, Realme and many others.

For Samsung cell phones

In the Samsung cell phones you have a factory option that allows you to record the mobile screen, and to access it you just have to display the control center and look for the screen recording function.

However, in the case of Samsung mobiles you must take into account something regarding the native screen recording application and that is stops (stops recording) at certain times. This is not due to an error, but rather the function cannot be executed when you are viewing certain things on your device, and that happens precisely in calls or video calls.

calls on whatsapp from the mobile

This is not only on WhatsApp, but also occurs in calls from other platforms, be it Facebook, Instagram or video conferencing apps like Zoom or Gmeet. The reason for that is not entirely clear to us, although it is probably due to a privacy issue.

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All this means that in case you have a Samsung mobile and you want to record a video call on WhatsApp (or any other app) will not be able to do it with the factory function. In that case, you will have no choice but to install an app from the Play Store that allows you to record whatever you want.

Using Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder it was the application used to record screen before mobile phones will incorporate that option from the factory. To this day, it continues to be used for old devices that do not mount the function, or for new cell phones that have some limitation such as Samsung with video calls.

Therefore, if you have an old mobile or a Samsung one, install this application from your Play Store so that you can record your WhatsApp calls without problems.