How to Recover in Signal the Messages with Backup of your Mobile or PC?

How to Recover in Signal the Messages with Backup of your Mobile or PC?

Signal is an application to send messages immediately. It is similar to WhatsApp or Telegram, but it has a great advantage, since Signal allows to recover messages using a backup, something very useful if you delete a message from your Signal account and you regret it.

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What is the process to recover the messages using a backup in Signal?

For this it is first necessary to have your PC or mobile with the latest Signal update, which you can download in the Play Store for free or from the store designed for the operating system you have. After the checks above, follow these steps:

  • In the application we open ‘Profile’ and then click ‘Chat and multimedia’, then we click again on ‘Backup copies of chats’
  • After the above, we click on ‘Activate’ and choose the folder where we want to save this backup.
  • Now, click on ‘Activate copies’, ‘Verify backup key’, at this time we enter the previous key and click ‘Verify’ to validate.
  • After verifying you click ‘Create backup’ You have already completed all the steps to make your backup of your mobile or PC successfully.

What situations does Signal not allow to restore backups?

There are several situations where Signal does not allow you to restore backups, It is essential to have the App of this application updated and to have an excellent Internet connection. This operation would not be possible either if you lost or have not been able to recover your previous device or if you have formatted it, among others.

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Signal does not allow you to save information in the cloud, therefore, when losing the previous mobile you will have lost all the information. You will not be able to transfer your backup to your current device, so it is recommended to take precautions.

If you format your cell phone

Before format your cell phone Make sure to make the backup, as we explained before, since otherwise you will not have access to the Signal information that you had on your mobile or device that you use.

When you don’t have a phone number

If you do not have the phone number that you have registered in Signal, it will be impossible to retrieve any information from the App since it is connected directly to your mobile number that you have previously registered. In any case, if you have a related problem, remember that there is always the possibility of recovering deleted files from the internal storage of the mobile.

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What are the guidelines that the device must meet in order to retrieve the messages?

There are several guidelines that the device to be able to retrieve messages but the most important thing is to have a maximum and successful internet connection. Then you must verify that your App has a recent and operational update and also have at hand the phone with the number registered in Signal

Internet connection or data packet

Many times we wonder which option would be more convenient so that when handling Signal your connection is fluid and without interruptions, and there are two that are essential internet connection or data packet. Both options are ideal, but you must ensure its optimal operation when trying to recover your backup so that it is easy and efficient for you.

how to use the backup to recover messages on mobile or pc

The phone number registered for an SMS

The phone number registered for an SMS must be operational. Since that number will receive the important messages and notifications that Signal issues. Remember that it is an essential requirement to recover your backup, to have your mobile phone operational.

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The latest version of the Signal app

In the electronic field, updates to App are constantly on the move. Customers urge a new update every day to ensure fluidity in communication and constant research.

Therefore have the latest version of the Signal App Up-to-date and fully operational, it is of vital importance for those who make this application a tool for daily life.

How is the message backup restored in Signal?

For restore backup of messages in Signal, you should look for the option ‘Restore backup’ and locate the folder in which you previously saved the backup. The application will request the password that was established as security and you will be able to recover it without any difficulty.

In android

For restore backup in Android it will depend on the version of your mobile device. If the version you use is nine (9) you must enter the thirty (30) digit code. If otherwise you have Android it has version ten (10) you just have to go to the option ‘Select folder’. You can save your backup again in the place you want.

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recover messages in signal using your backup

With an iOS device

In order to transfer your backup with an iOS device, the first thing you must make sure your devices are compatible. You can carry out this operation using the QR code provided by the platform.

From the Desktop

With your desktop computer you will not be able to recover your backup. From the Desktop no data can be transferred. Being one of the biggest limitations that this version of the application presents.

How to configure Signal to save a backup of your chats again?

For configure Signal to save a backup of your chats again You must activate the backup on the mobile that you were previously using. With the thirty-digit password you will be able to enter your backup copy and you will be able to move it to your backup folder.

Although there is a permanent debate between what is better between Telegram and WhatsApp, few take Signal into account, but as you may have noticed, it is an excellent application with many benefits, among which we highlight its excellent backup system.

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