How to Remove or Disable System Notifications that Cannot Be Cleared

How to Remove or Disable System Notifications that Cannot Be Cleared

If you do not know everything about the issue of the Android operating system, we will tell you that it has been revolutionizing the world and more and more millions of users prefer to opt for this system when purchase a mobile device. Despite this, one of the most frequent problems that this platform presents is that there are applications that cannot be removed normally, so it is best to close them in the background.

Since, in the case of notifications that are located in the status bar of the mobile, these can be erased without any problem, just by dragging them with your finger or using the delete button. As for permanent notifications, these are usually fixed on the bar so that there are no malfunctions in its operation.

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That is why today we bring you this tutorial so that you learn the correct way to remove or disable annoying notifications that cannot be removed so easily by dragging them to the side, which are characterized by being persistent in the Android system.

Instructions to remove or disable persistent notifications

As well as how it is possible to remove or eliminate the permissions generated by the applications in the Android system, they can also be completely eradicate annoying permanent notifications, and for this, you must follow the instructions that we give you in this tutorial.

So the first thing you need to do is access the settings of your mobile device and look for the option that says Applications. Next, you will go directly to the settings of the application causing the problem, which can allow your notifications to be hidden or removed from the system. That is why now you have to go to the option Run in the foreground or also Notification in the status bar, and immediately deactivate the option.

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If you want to remove the notification icon as well, you should look in Settings for the alternative that says Notification icon and proceed to deactivate it in the same way. It should be noted that this process is not valid for all applications but especially for those such as Tasker, APP Lockers as well as Google Home.

How to remove notifications about data usage

In this case, you have to go to the Android Settings, choosing the option that says Wireless and networks, then Data usage and disable everything. In the case of other permanent notifications, you can also deactivate them forcibly, if you stop the application or else by deleting all their data so that they no longer appear in the status bar.

When it comes to system updates, you need to know that they are important and therefore cannot be removed unless complete the process that you are exercising so far. This frequently happens when the system tells us that there is little storage space left compared to the internal memory of the mobile.

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Can the apps icon be removed from the status bar?

Indeed, this can be done depending on the type of application installed on the phone, for example, in the case of Adblock Plus, which is used to block ads and pop-ups From sites such as YouTube or Facebook, it is possible to do so. So that this way, all notifications are hidden, as well as the corresponding icon, and in this way more space can be freed up to view the most important applications.

how to delete notifications on the smartphone

For applications running in the foreground, it is best to leave them as they are, as persistent notifications can be helpful at times when the system may have certain faults, so it is not convenient to delete its characteristic icons.

It is important that you know that you can try removing the icon of certain applications, as well as their notifications and this will not represent any type of problem, however, you must be attentive regarding the operation of the same, to avoid problems of unexpected closings or defects that may arise.

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Of course, this will not happen with all the background applications that you want to eradicate, but it is still important to be wary of any problem that may arise.

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