How to reset the Windows 10 graphics driver + Tips and Tricks

How to reset the Windows 10 graphics driver

Windows crashes, freezes, reboots or ‘screenshots of death’ are reproduced with different frequency and are part of the day-to-day life of a user of Microsoft operating systems. Today we bring you a small, simple and quick trick to restart the Windows 10 graphics driver, one of the many that can cause problems.

A consumer Windows operating system will end up “degrading” over time due to the same use, installation, uninstallation of applications or drivers, failures in an update of the same system or the introduction of some type of malware.

You will notice it in the face of random or chronic system failures, various slowdowns in its execution, increased boot time due to the greater load at startup, added services, greater demand for the system registry and ultimately minor or serious problems that will harm the experience of the user.

Windows 10 graphics driver

Windows is today a gigantic hardware and software ecosystem and Microsoft has not improved the stability of Windows 10 compared to the previous ones. What it has done is make troubleshooting easier in a number of ways, especially with restore points and different system recovery modes (including from the cloud).

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Most problems are not that serious and can be solved in a faster and more convenient way. For example, there are times when graphics system freezes occur that block the use of the screen or any interaction of the peripherals. Here, the keyboard shortcuts are helpful. They are combinations of two or more keys that save time and effort when working with operating systems and applications and increase productivity by speeding up access to their functions.

But not only that, they also serve for troubleshooting and one of the best known is the “Control + Alt + Delete” that allows us to shut down or restart the computer, change user or access the task manager to close an application that is giving us problems.

There is another lesser known shortcut that allows restart the graphics controller Windows 10, one of those that can cause problems. It is activated by pressing four keys:

«Windows + Control + Mayúsculas + B»

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In case of problems with the graphics subsystem running games, applications or crashes on the desktop, activate it because it can return the system to a correct working state. You will see if it worked because the screen will go blank for a moment and the computer will beep.

After that, the system will work correctly and will return to the same place where it crashed without having to restart the application, game or having to turn off and on the computer.

There is no guarantee that this keyboard shortcut will fix all the graphical crashes, but you don’t lose anything by trying it. The drivers, these pieces of software that you will also know as drivers are essential for the support of the hardware, but also problematic for the operation of the operating system.

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