How to Restart a PS5 with the Controller or without the Controller? – Safe Methods

How to Restart a PS5 with the Controller or without the Controller?  - Safe Methods

How to Restart a PS5 with the Controller or without the Controller? – Safe Methods

Consoles currently have many new, more advanced shutdown systems. With the arrival of the PS5 we can do it in a way that, we can use the controller to restart the PlayStation if in such things it is freeze if you catchbecause it is usually so that in very remote cases these inconveniences occur.

There is also the possibility of doing it from the console itself with the button it has to restart, that is, doing it without the controller. But no matter which way you use it, this one will do exactly the same process and serves the same purpose. Today, in this article, we will teach you how to do it easily and safely

Should you use Safe Mode to turn off your PS5?

The new PlayStation consoles, such as the PS5, have very innovative systems, one of them is the so-called Safe Mode. This mode will be allowing us to enter and start in the console with the basic functions that it has, such as configuring the sound of the PlayStation, with this you can solve problems that may arise in the PlayStation by redesigning the database that this console has.

But in this mode it is not very convenient to use it, since it can happen that data from the PlayStation system is lost, that is why we recommend that you always have one backup of your data in case a serious error occurs in the console and the data is lost, with that copy you can recover it.

How is this mode used correctly?

As we continued to explain to you, only the basic functions will be in this mode and with it you can also factory reset the console. To give proper use in this way, go to him when you have problems with the console system, with this you will be able to solve system problems as quickly as possible. You can go to it to Delete the applications and saved data from the PlayStation 5

Will you cause any damage to the console if you directly reset it with the button?

When we proceed to do the process of restarting our PlayStation 5, this will not be doing any damage to the console, so far no user has been detected who has complained about having used this function and that it has damaged the console. Rather, it is very used to fix boot problems when the console is frozen.

playstation 5 controller

How to use the power button to restart the console?

in the moment of being playing on the playstationthis can present at some point that the image freezes, you can use the power button to restart the console and thus solve this problem.

For this you will have to go to the console and in the on/off button of the console with which we can turn the PlayStation on and off correctly, press it for more than five seconds so that it is turning off and on automatically

What to do if you don’t have your controller to turn off your console?

If in case you do not have your command to turn off the console, because it was downloaded or it does not work properly. Don’t worry, there are other ways to do this process. The easiest way to do this is by pressing the power button physical for 3 seconds maximum so that this one is turning off completely

Is it safe to disconnect it from the electrical current?

PlayStation technical support recommends that the console shutdown procedure should be by means of the controller or the power button that this console has and that it is not recommended to do so disconnecting this from the electrical current. So if the console is disconnected from the power it may damage the PlayStation.

console with your controller

When we proceed to disconnect the PlayStation from the power to shut down faster the console, we are cutting the current that is direct to it, in this way we damage components such as the power regulator since it is suddenly turning off, and this can have other consequences such as burning the processor or other components.

What is the correct way to restart a PlayStation 5 using your controller?

But not only can we do the PlayStation restart process with the power button, but we can also do it from the controller itself that this console has. To do this, we will only have to press the PlayStation button on the controller so that it appears on the console the ‘Control Center’.

In this panel that is being displayed on the screen, we can see three options. The first option that we can see is to Suspend the console, to leave everything as we have it and start everything from what we left at another time. The second option is to Power off the console completely.

And finally, we will have the option that we are looking for, that of Restart the console, you will only have to go down with the command and press to restart it.

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