How to reverse a video on iPhone: What Apple Failed to tell you (iMovie Rotate)

How to reverse a video on iPhone: What Apple Fail to tell you (iMovie Rotate): When you are taking a photo or recording a video with the iPhone, sometimes you find that you are recording it horizontally or vertically when you just want to do the opposite. In photos it is quite easy to correct, but in a video there is no native way to do it. Therefore, in this tutorial we are going to see how to rotate a video on iPhone through various free apps.

How to rotate a video on iPhone with iMovie

iMovie is our first choice for rotate a video on iPhone. A few months ago we talked about it in detail in Applesfera, so we will quickly review how it works:

  • Download here iMovie for iOS, it is a free app.
  • In the photo reel, click on edit video.
  • Next, give the three dots surrounded by a circle that you will see in the lower menu.
  • Select iMovie and rotate the video with two fingers to orient it the way you want.
  • Save the changes.
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You can also rotate a video on your iPhone or iPad with the iMovie app itself. For it, you will have to create a new project, select movie and add the clip in question. Rotate the video with two fingers and save it to the reel.

Two other apps to rotate a video on the iPhone

You may not want to download an app like iMovie to simply rotate a video, as it does much more than this. After all, it’s 690MB to download and you may not have access to a Wi-Fi network. For this reason, we propose two additional free lighter apps (although with advertising). The first is InShot, which you can download here.


When we open this app we will create a new video, choosing the clip that we need to change orientation. Next, we will simply click on the rotate button located at the bottom right (see upper screenshot). If what you need is to turn it in mirror mode, you will find the option next to it. Save the video on the reel and you will have it ready.

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rotar video iphone iPad

The third app that allows rotate videos on iPhone is RFV, also free. Even lighter than the previous ones, we will select the video from the app and click on the rotate button as shown in the image above.

These two apps are much simpler and lighter than iMovie, but they have several drawbacks. They are not very intuitive and they are not going to win awards for their design. Both have advertising in the free version, becoming quite annoying. But they deliver what they promise and that’s all you need to know.

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