How to reverse a video on picsart: Best Guide on How To Use (Tips and Tricks)

PicsArt: Know the application and how to use it – This post is informative. I do NOT belong to the company nor do I have a relationship with it.

PicsArt is the most used free mobile photo editor , easy to use, and with a large number of tools that allows you to create original and fun images. A tool that is no longer “the typical” of basic editing to become a kind of social network where users share their images creating a community . In this post I want to show you the functions that this tool offers accompanied by some tutorials that I find interesting.

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Learn how to create a backward-running video using the Reverse tool in Picsart Video Editor

Home screen

On the initial screen you will find the most social part of this application , very similar to Instagram. You will see recommendations made for you according to your tastes, the replay (step by step of the creation of an image and the tools used) of other users and the active challenges created by the Picsart application itself.

You can follow users, comment, like their images, etc.  You can also share your images and use hashtags to reach more public.

At the top you have a profile icon that allows you to discover your Facebook contacts, find contacts and invite friends.


At the top right you have the bell icon , it is a summary of your activity, the users you follow and your remixes.

Let’s continue with the main menu of the application that is located at the bottom:

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Here you will find featured images or those related to specific hashtags . You also have access to tutorials, lists of images with stickers, daily remix, etc.


In addition, you can follow a hashtag and all the images that use it will appear ordered by the most popular or recent. Does it sound familiar to you? Exactly the same as on Instagram.


In the icon of the cup you access the challenges . What is it about? PicsArt organizes image challenges, remixes, photo edits or stickers that contain a certain element or are related to a specific theme. It is a very interesting and entertaining option for those who enjoy editing images. 

picsart challenges

They are divided into:

  • Start voting. 
  • Challenge yourself.

This would be an example:

It starts with a boot image and users participate with their own remix. Originality is the most important quality in this tool!


At the end on the right you have the profile icon where you can register with your email and password or with your Facebook profile. From here you can edit your profile, share or edit it, upload photos or configure your account.

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You must use a username @name and you will have a summary of the followers and followed along with the publications made.


If you press the + icon , you can choose between the following actions:


We are going to see each one of them.

1. Photos and Videos

You can select any of the photos or videos on your mobile to start editing them. 

2. Replays

As I have mentioned previously, many users share the steps and tools used to create a final image. You can save it in favorites or test it with one of your images. It is very easy to use because they guide you step by step.

3. Collage

With this option you can create fun collages .

You have three options :

  • Grids: It allows you to select several images and choose the design that you like the most, in addition to adding a colored border or using a background. In the distribution, you can choose different sizes. A very interesting option is that you can use the sizes that are used in the different social networks such as Square Insta, History, Facebook Post, Cover, etc. You can also apply effects and rotate each of the chosen images.
  • Free: Create your collage from scratch. Add all the images you want to add and arrange them to your liking. You just have to move them to the place where you want them to be and rotate them to your liking. You can select each of the images and crop it, add effects, etc.
  • Frame: Create a collage using one of the frames offered by the application.
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4. Templates

Do you know Canva? It’s similar. These are predesigned templates that you can modify to your liking. In addition, you have the option of choosing the correct size depending on the social network in which you are going to share it. Some templates are free and in others you will have to subscribe to one of their plans. 

5. Funds

You can select one of the backgrounds to start editing your image. Here you will find some free and some paid.

6. Camera

With this option you can directly take the photo from the camera of your mobile or tablet. 

You can take the photo using some of its effects, scenes or stickers. You have quite a few to choose from and you can create very original selfies.

7. Drawings

This option allows you to create drawings. You can install a color (although you will need to download another application, PicsArt Color Paint), choose a canvas or start a drawing from scratch using different brushes, textures etc. in addition to accompanying it with images and stickers and all this using layers, if you wish.

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8. Free Photos

Choose any of the free images offered by the tool to start creating your own. 

9. Colored backgrounds

With this option you define a base color for your image. You even have the option of using a transparent background, a very interesting option.

Imagen editor

Once you have selected any of the previous options, you access the edit menu whose actions we are going to see now.


Here you can make the purchase to the Gold subscription. You will be able to access all the premium tools.



This section is the most interesting part of all and where you can find the main editing tools .


Let’s see one by one:

  • Crop: Allows you to crop the image using your own measurements or one of the preset ones such as 1: 1, 4: 3, etc.
  • Free cropping : Allows you to crop the image by creating your own path.
  • Crop Shape: Crop the image using shapes like squares, circles, etc.
  • Dispersion: With this option you can make a dispersion in the image. Choose the size, direction, blur it, etc.
  • Clone: Duplicate the part of the selected image modifying its size, opacity and hardness.
  • Remove: It is a prize option that allows you to remove an object or area from the image. 
  • Expand: This tool can help you modify the silhouette of a person. It does not have the same precision as Photoshop or similar programs, but they can help you at a certain time.
  • Move: Allows you to select a part of the image and move it continuously.
  • Selection: You select a part of the image that you can cut, copy, add an effect, reverse, etc.
  • Curves: Create effects using three basic colors (red, blue and green). You can see how they use it in some of the videos at the end of the post.
  • Adjust: Modify the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, shadows, lighting, etc.
  • Enhance : Varies image clarity and saturation.
  • Tilt-Shift: Enhances a part of the image giving a distorting effect to the rest of the image.
  • Perspective: Modify the perspective of the image. The perspective of photography can change how an object looks, depending on the size of the object and its distance from the camera.
  • Size: Set the size of the image you want.
  • Rotate / Rotate.
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With this tool you can apply effects to your images . In addition to the typical effects that modify the color of the images, there are others such as: blur, artistic, pop art, etc. It is one of the options that I like the most about the application because you can make very original images.



Here you can improve the image through effects aimed at improving people’s faces, mainly.

  • Automatic. It improves your image automatically.
  • Smooth. You use the brush to soften the face.
  • Facial corrector. It allows you to correct the image such as reducing wrinkles.
  • Defects. You can remove spots from your skin.
  • Skin tone. You can change the tone of your skin from lighter to dark.
  • Hair. It allows you to modify the color of your hair. Although it has improved a lot, it still has some bugs.
  • Details. It allows you to improve aspects of your lip and eyes.
  • Eye color. You can change the color of your eyes.
  • Bleach. Improve the color of your teeth.
  • Remove red eyes.
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You can choose from hundreds of stickers, some paid and others free. Some of them “are very hard-working.” Once you select “insert” you can:

  • Modify the opacity.
  • Fuse.
  • Apply effects to it.
  • Adjust hue, contrast, saturation, etc.
  • Put a border on it.


Crop the image choosing between portrait or free selection . Once the image is cropped, you can edit it. You also have the option to remove the background. 


  • Sources. You can use the default ones or add new paid or free limited offer.
  • Colors. You can choose between solid colors, gradient or textures.
  • Stroke. You can modify the stroke of the image, that is, the border of the letters.
  • Modify the opacity . You can make the text more or less transparent.
  • Merge the text.
  • Add shade to it.
  • Curl the text.



You can add one or more images to it . Once selected you can: modify the opacity, cut, adjust, apply an effect, etc.

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Insert a square under your image and apply color, a background template, or a different image to it.




Brushes allow you to apply effects: hearts, bubbles, stars, rainbows, sparkles, etc….


You can also draw continuous or discontinuous lines of different colors with thick or thin sizes.



Apply an inner or outer border by modifying the color, radius, and opacity.



PicsArt offers you infinite masks of lights, texture, artistic, etc … both free and paid. PicsArt masks are effect templates that are added to the image. In this image it would correspond to the background of stars.




In this section you can make free drawings by applying various brushes with continuous lines or figures, as well as adding text, images or GIFs. The interesting thing is that you can do it using layers adding more reality to the image.

Among many of the functions it offers, the cartoon is one of the most used . I leave you a video so you can see how you can do it and get an idea of ​​how this tool works. [/ Vc_column_text]

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Add sparkles to your images by modifying the tone, opacity and blending.




Add figure-shaped masks.




Choose from an infinite number of frames to decorate the image. You can choose between free and paid versions.




Include attention calls to your images.


PicsArt Effects Tutorials

There are many tutorials on the PicsArt effects network. I have selected some that have caught my attention.

Melted effect

Image enhancement

Splatter Effect

Wet window

Clone yourself in a photo


Image examples


As you can see, PicsArt is no longer that tool that allows you to apply filters, make some improvements and little else. Now it is more like a social network that allows you to create original and fun images. To know how to use it and get more out of it, you must spend time until you get hold of the application. It is a good alternative to the tools available on the net

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