How to reverse a video on TikTok: Epic Editing tips For you To Create A Buzzz

How to reverse a video on TikTok: Epic Editing tips For you To Create A Buzzz: At this point in 2020 it goes without saying that TikTok it’s ours app favorite, or if? First you enter “just to see”, then you start to share “funny videos”, you dare to upload a first tiktok and then: chan chan chan, you are on your way to become a content creator!

But in the process there are many doubts: how do I make that effect reverse a video? with the slow motion? How can people make a duet?

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Well, without further ado we begin: here are some tips for the video editing on TikTok:

How to reverse a Tik Tok video:

This little trick is much easier than it sounds.

Let’s start by differentiating a couple of issues: if you want to see the video from another person backwards or if you want to make your own video in reverse.

If what you are looking for is to see someone else’s video on Tik Tok backwards, you need to download the video and save it to your phone.

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To do that go to tiktok you want and at the bottom of the screen press the white arrow below the comment balloon and choose the second option Save video. Ready! You already have it.

Now yes, to put backwards any Tik Tok video, here are the steps:

  • Go to the option to create video.
  • If you are going to make your own tik tok, record it, remember that they can be videos of a maximum of one minute; if you’re going to use someone else’s video, click Carry (on the right side of the Engrave) and choose the clip you saved.
  • You already have it? Now yes, give it in Next and later Effects edit (the second button in the shape of a clock) and choose Weather (It is the last option).
  • Choose the first option which is To invest And there it is!
  • Voila! You already have your reverse video, you decide whether to leave it in drafts to follow editing After or post it (It can be private, for your friends or public).
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@ jasonthores30% (55 glasses) In reverse you find the error? ## reversechallenge ## reverse ♬ original sound – Riyan Apolinario

Slow motion effect on Tik Tok

Now yes, you are already assembling your tiktoks and suddenly you see that effect of slow motion (O slow motion effect) and you love it and want to try it.

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It’s super simple:

  • Go to the option to create video.
  • When opening the camera, in the upper right, where there are several icons, the second is Speed (O Speed, depending if you have your app configured in English), choose that one.
  • Just above the record button you will see a menu with several options: 0.3x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x and 3x. By default the 1x, which is normal speed.
  • If what you want is record in slow motion, choose 0.3x ó 0.5x, depending on the speed you want.
  • Start recording and when you finish you can edit the audio you prefer to use, the effects, etc.
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How to Duet on Tik Tok

This option is even easier than any of the above.

Did you see a video with audio to follow the dialogues? Well, it’s time to do the lip sync of the year.

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All you have to do is:

  • and hand video with which you want to make a duo.
  • Choose the little white check mark below the comment balloon in the right side from the screen.
  • The menu is displayed and choose the third option which is precisely Duo.
  • The setup screen will automatically open. Record new videobut with him clip of the duo on the right side of the screen.

It will look something like this: @aleivanovastyleMi vida ??? ## dúo con @ milimax503 ♬ original sound – aleivanovastyle

Other things to know about trends on TikTok

Before we say goodbye, we will just tell you a few more things that can help you:

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What does it mean myp and TikTok

If you wonder what is fyp, it’s very easy, when you see the hashtag #fyp it means For You Page, that is, For you.

In Spanish the hashtag are used #parati, #for you and, to a lesser extent, #in_para_ti.

And we are going to tell you a secret that those of TikTok they shared with us: Using any of these hashtags does not guarantee that you will appear on the main page.

In fact, it is best to only use an average of three hashtags in the videos that you upload and that are related to the subject of your tiktok, if it is for dogs, dance, a challenge, etc.

What is it glow up and Tap Tok

The challenge from glow up is to show your physical transformation from puberty to date.

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But it is not a video X, you must show photos that, to tell the truth, you do not love. Like the one your aunt took you on a birthday and that makes you laugh, but sad at the same time; Or the one where you were in high school and you come out with a funny face.

In the end, you show your little face well khé precious.

The audio that is generally used is a match from a dialogue of Robin Buckley (character played by Maya Hawke in season 3 of Stranger Things) with a song cool from Willow Smith that it’s called “Wait a minute!“.

Here you can see a video that shows you how to do it:

And over here he listens to the song of Willow Smith (yes, Will Smith’s daughter is also a singer), from minute 00:38:

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