How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting Immediately or for Later?

How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting Immediately or for Later?

How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting Immediately or for Later?

Zoom is a platform that provides many options so that people can hold online meetings at any time and on the day they want. One of these options makes it easy for you to have a meeting immediately and in an efficient way, which can be an advantage for meetings that are urgent.

The other option is a bit more methodical, since you must schedule a meeting and set it up before starting the same. With it you can set the duration of the meeting, as well as the day with the use of the calendars integrated in Zoom.

If you want to know more about these two useful options provided by the platform to its users, this article is the ideal one for you, as it provides all the necessary information so that you can manage the platform more easily.

While it is true, many of the meetings on the Zoom platform are scheduled for a specific date and time. However, you can create a new meeting immediately following a few very simple steps.

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From the cell phone or PC

The procedure for both cell phones and PCs is the same, so to create a Zoom meeting very quickly, the first thing you should do is log into the platform. Then you must click on the option “New Meeting so that a room is created immediately.

Once you are inside the room you can search for the meeting ID or send the link to your guests to join. If you wish, you can also make certain settings and customize it a bit depending on the theme or the type of meeting you are going to hold.

How to schedule a meeting for the future?

The first thing to schedule a meeting is to enter the platform and log in. Once you have logged in, you must press the option “To schedule”. You can see that a tab opens that says “Schedule meeting” in which you can place the topic of the meeting, the time it starts and ends.

It is good that you take into account that the free version of Zoom will only allow you to have the meeting have a duration of 40 minutes. In turn, you can schedule your meeting for the date you prefer.

With the option of “Recurring meeting” you can schedule two meetings with the same date and time. The meeting ID, which you send to users so they can enter the room, you can customize or use the one assigned by the platform.

id the reunion and zoom

So that you have a reminder, like your guests, the use of a calendar is of the utmost importance. For this, the platform has integrated calendars from Google, Outlook, among others. At the end of the meeting setup process, It’s fundamental that you press the “Save” button so that it is scheduled and the adjustments you have made are not lost.

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Where is the link to invite you to share your conference?

Once you’ve created a meeting room and want to locate the share invitation linkO with other people, you just have to follow a few very simple steps.

The first thing you should do is enter the room that you have created. Then enter the section that indicates to be the information regarding the meeting. When you press this option, a small pop-up tab will open in which the invitation link will appear. All you have to do is copy the link and send it to your guests.

How to configure your scheduled meeting to give it a personalized touch?

If you want to personalize the meeting by placing a profile photo, you have many ways to do it, since Zoom offers slightly more advanced settings with regard to the time intervals of the meeting, the security of the same and of course the quality of the video.

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set the video to zoom

Give it a time slot

Zoom meetings can be Start for a specific time. For this, the preset time intervals that you must enter in the settings are important.

Configure video quality and security

To give your meeting more security, you can configure authentication by adding passwords to enter the room. There are restriction methods for login and others that guarantee the security of your profile. You can use the advanced settings of the Desktop Client to improve the video quality in this way. It all also depends on the operating system you have.

So that you can give your meeting personalized touches, the platform allows you to adjust the lighting, add filters and even touch up your appearance. If you have a specific theme or want to accentuate your style, you also have at your disposal the option to place virtual funds.

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