How to see Pending Requests Sent and Received on my Instagram

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How to see Pending Requests Sent and Received on my Instagram

In this platform you can send requests and follow many people; but some would like to see pending, submitted and received applications. Well, here we will talk about precisely that topic. It will be explained if possible view requests and follow up on someone and how do it. It will also explain how to view Facebook and message requests.

How can I see the requests I have sent from my Instagram?

Can view requests submitted on Instagram It is extremely simple, and it can be done both from the mobile application and from a computer. In the case of doing it from the computer, the first thing to do is access the account, and then go to “Profile”, in the upper right corner and there click on ‘Settings’.

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Being with the configuration, you have to click on ‘Privacy & Security’ and then in ‘Account details’. From there, a new page will be loaded where you can see an option that says ‘See sent follow-up requests’ in that option you can see the requests that were sent and that have not yet been accepted.

From the mobile app it is also very simple. You just have to go to the application, log in and go to ‘Profile’, then open the options menu in the upper right corner. From there you have to click on ‘Go to settings’ then to the ‘Security’ section. Then you have to enter ‘Access data’, ‘Contacts’, and from there you will see the requests.

How to view message requests on my Instagram account?

To see those message requests in your Instagram account you must follow the following instructions: enter the platform, then go to ‘Direct’, and being in the chats section you will find an option that says ‘Requests’, if there are.

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Is it possible to know if an application was rejected on Instagram?

Although there is no section that is exclusively dedicated to showing if a request we send has been rejected, it is possible to know. To do this, it must be understood that, if a follow-up request is sent to a private account, Instagram will send us a notification, hence the importance of having the notifications of this social network enabled.

Now, if the request is not accepted, but not rejected, Instagram will not send any notification, but neither will the content of the account in question be seen; the request is in ‘Pending’ otherwise when entering the account an icon will be displayed to send it again.

Is it possible to know if I sent a follow-up request to a person in Ig?

Simply put, the answer is yes. It is possible to know if we send a follow request to a user with a private or hidden account on Instagram. To do this you just have to go to ‘Settings’, then to ‘Privacy and security’, then ‘Account details’ and there you will be able to see a section where you will see the follow-up requests to someone in particular.

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How do I delete the invitations made to me on my Instagram account?

Deleting invitations made to you on Instagram is a good way to stop seeing them without having to reject or accept them. You just have to enter the app, go to the notifications section, and click on where it says ‘Follow-up requests’. Being there you can delete the invitation in question.

What is the way to see the requests sent from my Facebook?

To be able to see the friend requests that we send on Facebook, you will simply have to access the account, go to our profile and enter ‘Activity log’. When you are there you have to select on ‘More’, in the lower left corner and click on ‘Added friends’. From there you can see all the friend requests that have been sent to you.

As you can see, it is super easy to see everything that has to do with requests on both Instagram and Facebook. Knowing these small data will be extremely useful when browsing these social networks.

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