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RaveOS Configuring and Installation
RaveOS Configuring and Installation

There are many different projects in the blockchain galaxy. The BTC flagship coin is a kind of center of the universe.

Leading Altcoins: ETH, XPR, LTC are network galaxies. It was on the Ethereum network, after the big bang, that a new exp coin star appeared.

What is Expanse coin

Not all members of the cryptocurrency society can confidently answer the question: “expanse what is this site”? Exp coin is always in the shadow of the “big brothers” ETH and ETC. The expanse website, unlike many scam projects, is engaged in attracting newcomers to the cryptoindustrial agglomeration.

Expands in English means expanse. The EXP site is fully consistent with its name. There is something to do here for programmers and miners, regardless of experience in the blockchain system. Expanse is a cryptocurrency created to help other people. On the expcoin platform, the organization of the voting procedure and the ICO are available. EXP cryptocurrency to secure smart contracts and implement creative projects. The exp coin team has drawn up a development roadmap until 2020.

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Expanse Is a project where everyone is welcome to work with blockchain technologies. The exp cryptocurrency is open source, here anyone can implement their skills in the field of creating decentralized programs.

Where could I buy

Altcoin exp coinmarketcap staked 684 out of 2114 positions as of 01.01.2020. Capitalization is 919 582 USD, the price of the coin is 0.087619 USD. Coinmarketcap’s modest expanse figures are due to the stagnation in the cryptocurrency market.

But the coin has been stable for many years in the first thousand of the Coinmarketcap list. A million dollars of exp coin capitalization, compared to $ 119 with the Italo cryptocurrency from 1570, this is quite a decent amount.

Important! At the moment, the project is experiencing problems with the synchronization of wallets, buy coins with caution !!

At the time of this writing, exp coin is traded on three exchanges:

  • FinexBox – 51% of the trading volume (211864,000 EXP) EX / PBTC trading pair;
  • Bittrex — 25,91% (107210,509);
  • Upbit — 22,88% (94657,499).
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Cryptocurrency exchange YoBit works very poorly with Expanse (1-2 EXP per day), and on the trading floor Cryptopia Trading Suspended Due To Security Issues… This happens periodically on trading floors, so deposits of crypto exchanges not recommended for long-term storage of funds.

How to create a wallet

where to download the exp wallet

Hardware wallet available for download on the official website… Download the required version luna wallet, unpack and install on your computer.

It is recommended to make a backup to removable media to save data when reinstalling the OS. If you do not want to download the entire exp coin blockchain to your hard drive, use the android application Coinomi… You can mine Expanse for exchange directly to the exchange wallet.

How to choose a mining pool

Mining exp cryptocurrency using ASIKov and GPU rigs. To start mining a coin, you need to select a pool. The largest mines

  1. Dwarfpool – pool hashrate is 64.83 GH / s, exp is mined by 1655 gnomes. The minimum payout is 1 exp coin.
  2. Miningpoolhub – the second most powerful server (30.54 GH / s). To start on miningpoolhub you need check in.
  3. 2miners – hashrate 8.65 GH / s, 75 miners work.
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In terms of payout system and power, the best exp coin mine is undoubtedly Dwarfpool. At 2miners, they are very friendly to beginners, you can download an archive with mining utilities and ready-made configurations with batch files for extracting exp on the pool. You only need to change the wallet address and the name of the rig.

Setting up and starting mining

It is recommended to use the utility to develop expanse seams. Claymore Dual Miner. You can download the program on the official Bitcointalk Community Forum.

Bat file configurations

Sample bat file:

bat file for mining exp






EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0x4199B8f5A63f2E9af7F4D77Aa227c1A6b1F7aB5d -eworker w2  -epsw x   -allcoins 1

  • It is possible to mine expanse in dual with coins: Decred, Pascal, Sia

Suitable for mining exp coin programs PhoenixMiner and GenoilMiner… The settings of the executable files are located on the pools, in the sections Getting Started.

Profitability of mining, what you need to know

Exp coin is a stable average in the rating of profitable altcoins. The profitability of expanse mining depends on the price of the coin, the current computational complexity and the payout system for a particular pool. Permanent miners with high power will suit PPLNS, and for small rigs RBPPS… You can calculate profitability by using one of the mining calculators, eg, WhatToMine or CrypoCoins.

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Many successful projects were born on the Ethash platform, founded by the brilliant Vitalik Buterin: Music, Expansion, Pegasus. All of them are quite profitable for both amateur and professional mining. There is plenty of room in the crypto space for our rigs.

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