How to stop, close YouTube Spotify, etc. automatic (sleep timer)

How to stop, close YouTube Spotify, etc. automatic (sleep timer)
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Do you see yourself in one of those nights when you play music on your cell phone, you fall asleep and when you wake up you realize that the phone is off because it ran out of battery? Then you need a “sleep timer”, an off or sleep timer, an app designed to stop or turn off the music player automatically after a certain time, which you can program according to your needs. There are many applications of this type in Google Play, of which I show you three of the “best” that I have tried.

But before installing a tool that stops audio playback automatically on your cell phone, you may want to check if the application you use to listen to songs or music already incorporates this functionality or something similar. YouTube and your option «Remind me when it’s time to sleep»Is not very appropriate for this case, but there are other complete music players such as AIMP, Musicolet, Samsung Music and others that offer a true sleep timer in their settings.

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sleep music timer shake to extend time

Stops the music and exits the application that is playing it. This will allow the screen to turn off on its own due to the shutdown time that the latter has.

This app has the peculiarity that you can shake the cell phone to extend the time interval. In its settings you can configure the additional time that the timer will extend.

for audio player when sleeping time turn off all sleep timer settings

In addition to stopping the audio automatically after a certain configurable time, this application has options to turn off the screen, Bluetooth and WiFi when the set period of time is completed. All these options can be activated in the settings, as they are deactivated by default.

time before stopping the music on the cell phone app sleep timer settings for android

Another app that stops the cell phone’s audio automatically after a preset time has passed. Despite its name, it works with other music and audio or video apps, including YouTube.

This APP can also exit the application and return to the home screen, turn off the screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, silence notifications and calls at the end of the time interval, things that you must activate in its settings because they are disabled by default.

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All these apps apparently detect the audio source and stop it, so they should stop the audio played by any application that is playing on the cell phone. That includes the web browser (for example, in case you’re watching YouTube videos there). All of them fade the sound (decreasing or gradually decreasing) before completely stopping the playback, a period that you can also configure. It goes without saying that these apps stop the audio, not just mute it. This serves to clarify that, in the case of YouTube, the video will stop playing, so the screen will eventually end up turning off and it will not drain the battery.

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