How to Transfer or Transfer Photos, Videos and Files from my Android Mobile to Mac

How to Transfer or Transfer Photos, Videos and Files from my Android Mobile to Mac

The file transfer process to protect in the best way all our data, is very frequent nowadays. So it is possible to transfer photos from an Android to an iPhone as well as transfer information from an Android to a Mac computer. Since, this type of equipment generally works with Apple brand devices but if the proper steps are followed it can be perfectly compatible with Android.

So, for these reasons, today we will be providing you with all the information regarding this procedure, which you can perform through mechanisms extremely easy to carry out. All this, in case you want to make a backup copy to have on hand when you need to access all your files, either from the PC or from your mobile device.

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Instructions to transfer files from Android to Mac via USB cable

Whether you need pass photos, videos or documents, You can do it in the simplest way possible thanks to the USB cable. Although, it is necessary that you make sure that it does not present failures because if not, it will not be possible to carry out all this, since problems can arise around the connectivity between the Mac and the Android.

Now, to comply with this, the first thing you will have to do is connect Android mobile to Mac computer and when you do this, you will see a new pop-up notice in which you will be asked if you need to transfer the photos or transfer the files. In the case of choosing the first alternative, you will appreciate the available folders where the visual files are stored, so the most precise thing is that you copy the elements you want and then paste them into the memory of the Mac computer to finish the process.

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It should be noted that there is an application called Android File Transfer, which you can download directly from its official website and that will allow you to carry out the same function in case it is present a problem with the cable and you are not able to transfer all the photos and files successfully through this modality.

Way to transfer files or photos from Android to Mac by Bluetooth

The option to share files via Bluetooth is excellent, since it also allows you to transfer applications from one Android to another without problem. In this case, all you have to do is activate this function both in the Mac computer as on Android device from where you need to transfer the information.

Next, you need to synchronize both devices, since it is necessary that connect through a code, which will appear on the screens of both and which you should be aware of.

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way to transfer files from android mobile to mac

Now, you are going to go to the window that says System Preferences on your Android and you are going to click on the Bluetooth share icon so that you proceed to choose the elements that will be transferred and then choose the option of Share via Bluetooth and from there you select your Mac computer, that is the whole procedure.

Additional Methods to Transfer Photos and Files from Android to Mac

Another great way to transfer files, It is through the applications that are available on the Internet. So the first one that we are going to recommend you, is called AirMore and you must install it both on your Mac computer and on your Android through the same WiFi network so that with the help of a QR code you can begin to execute the transfer process of the files.

As a second option, we are going to talk to you about Anywhere, which happens to have a mode of extremely easy handling for users and the sending of the files is immediate. Here, you will also have to access by means of a QR code which will be read from both devices without major inconvenience.

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Finally, there is the Airdroid alternative, where you have the advantage of being able to appreciate some of the functions of the Android directly from your Mac computer. But here, it is necessary to register an account and associate the Android mobile so that the respective QR code appears so that the files are displayed and can be transferred correctly.