How to turn on the screen with VOLUME UNLOCK

How to turn on the screen with VOLUME UNLOCK – Take a look at these tips, tricks, and solution you can use to make your life much easier with your devices whenever problems arrive and complications which you may find difficult to deal with.

How to turn on your cell phone screen when the power button is damaged? The solution is to use the volume buttons and for this to be possible it is necessary to install an application that does this job.

A search in the Play Store with the keywords «Volume Power»Returns in the first results some applications for this. Here we will talk about one of them: Volume Unlockby the programmer Kimcy929.

How Volume Unlock works

Volume Unlock It allows turn on your Android screen with the volume button (any of them). It also allows you to turn off the screen from the notification available in the status bar.

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wake up android keys volume turn off

It’s all a matter of installing the application, opening it and sliding the switch that says «Enable/Disable Volumen Power»So that it is activated (it should be purple). It is also recommended to enable the switch that says «Start on Boot«, Which activates the application automatically when the device is restarted.

When the screen turns off, press either of the phone’s two volume buttons to turn it on or “wake up.” When the display is on, the volume buttons resume their normal function.

How to turn on a cell phone WITHOUT a power button

Optionally you can enable the Screen Off from notification function, to turn off the screen by tapping on the app notification. The first time this notification is touched, the “Device Manager” screen will appear, where you have to press the button. Activate. This is done for one time only and is recommended to prevent the application from closing when the phone runs low on RAM.

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For desinstalar Volume Unlock first you have to deactivate it from the Android Device Manager (Set up > Security > Device administrator). There you have to Mark off the Volume Unlock box and then you can uninstall it normally.

Keep in mind that I’m talking about activating the screen with the volume button. If you want to turn on the cell phone with the volume button, you will need root permissions to manipulate a file of the Android system that has this operation established. You can read more on this XDA page.

Download Volume Unlock

Volume Power and other alternatives

The two best alternatives available in the Play Store «Volume Power Lock (VPL)” and “Power Button to Volume Button»Also works the same way as Volume Unlock.

Note: If the screen does not turn on when you press either volume button once, press it twice (waiting for a small fraction of a second between the two presses). Unfortunately, these apps are not consistent in how they work. Sometimes they stop working.

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