How to Unblock a Person on Twitter from your PC or Mobile?

How to Unblock a Person on Twitter from your PC or Mobile?

Just as Instagram allows you to block followers, Twitter has similar options, although they work differently. Understanding the above, today we show you what the process is for unblock a person on the social network Twitter very easily.

What about the accounts that are blocked?

Twitter is a bit more straightforward than many other apps and doesn’t beat around the bush. In fact, when someone blocks you on Twitter, directly You will be shown the message ‘You are blocked’ if you try to enter the user’s account.

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When someone blocks you, you will not be able to follow the person or see their content. In fact, you will not be able to have any type of interaction with this account. Therefore, blocking is a safe way to get rid of abusive or annoying users.

How do I unblock a user’s Twitter account?

After blocking someone on Twitter, there are two ways to unblock the account. The first one is through the list of blocked people, while the other is doing it directly from the profile. Here’s how to go through the unlocking process in both ways.

From the list of blocked accounts

Twitter has a very advanced system in relation to blocks, something that goes hand in hand with list of blocked accounts, space from which you can also unblock users. If you want to unblock a Twitter account from this place, follow these steps for both the cell phone and the PC.

  • Login to your Twitter account.
  • If you are on the PC you will have to press on the three points located on the left of the screen and select ‘Settings and privacy’. While, from the cell phone, simply click on your profile photo in the upper left and select ‘Settings and privacy’.
  • Look for the ‘Privacy and security’ section and enter it.
  • Finally locate the ‘Silence and block’ section and then click on ‘Blocked accounts’ in the case of the PC. On mobile simply click on ‘Blocked accounts’.
  • Here you will see the accounts that you have blocked, if you want to unblock any simply click on the ‘Blocked’ button.
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Directly on the person’s profile

  • Go to the profile of the person you blocked.
  • In the upper right you will see the ‘Blocked’ button, if you press on it you will be able to unblock this person.
  • Confirm your action pressing again on the ‘Unlock’ button.

How long does it take for a person to be unblocked?

There really isn’t a time you have to wait to unlock a person. What’s more, Twitter doesn’t specify this in any official document, so you should be able to unblock a person immediately after blocking.

Is there a limit of times to block an account?

Like the previous point, there is not a certain number of times what can you block a person on Twitter. This means that you could block or unblock a user as many times as you want. In any case, do not abuse the option and use it only when it is really necessary.

unblock a user on twitter

What should I do to find out if someone has blocked me on Twitter?

Using Twitter makes it much easier to find out when someone is blocking you. In fact, simply visit the profile of that person and the application will directly show you if you are blocked. Therefore, if on screen the message ‘You are blocked’ appears It means that the owner of the profile you visit decided to block you.

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How to silence a person on Twitter?

You do not have to go to extremes, so before blocking we recommend silence people. By silencing a user, this person’s content will not appear in your feed. It’s a great option if you don’t want to go to the extreme of blocking someone.

  • To silence a person, the first thing is to go to their profile.
  • Then, click on the three dots located above and to the right and select ‘Mute @username’.

Similarly, if you want to improve the security of your account, you can change the privacy options of Twitter. This can also help you in the event that you have annoying repeat users. Similarly, you can protect your account in other areas by improving the configuration options.

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