How to Unlock My PC Keyboard Windows 10 – Complete Guide

How to Unlock My PC Keyboard Windows 10 – Complete Guide

While we can lock the screen in Windows 10 with the keyboard, it is also possible to lock the keyboard, although this usually happens accidentally. If you have this problem, read the following guide where we will talk to you in detail about how to unlock your keyboard in Windows 10.

What procedure should I follow to unlock the Windows 10 keyboard?

In the event that the keyboard is locked, the most likely cause is let it be because of the ‘filter keys’. Filter keys are a feature present in Windows accessibility options and can be completely disabled. In any case, if your keyboard is already locked, try the following:

  • Hold down the Shift key for about 10 seconds
  • You should hear a small beep announcing that the filter key function has been disabled.
  • Finally, check if you can use the keyboard normally. Optionally you can deactivate this function with the instructions that we indicate later
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What are the most common causes that the keyboard may be locked?

There are several reasons why the keyboard can be blocked, before this it is best to analyze these causes to find the solution to the problem. Before any solution, perform the following checks when the keyboard does not work.

Verify which keyboard has been locked

A locked keyboard does not respond when its keys are pressed. Therefore, if you notice that the keyboard turns on and is connected correctly but does not work, it is possibly locked. In any case, we recommend checking that the keyboard has no problems.

Check that the keyboard is working properly

It does not hurt to check the integrity of the keyboard, it is possible that some keys do not work for the simple fact that the keyboard is presenting failures. If so, it would be best connect the keyboard to another computer, if it continues to fail with some keys, it may be physical damage.

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Physical damage is very common when the keyboard gets wet or falls and could be the cause of the keyboard not working or appearing to be locked. In this case, there are certain ways to repair a wet keyboard, but hurry up the more time passes the harder it will be to fix it.

Check that all keys are enabled

For many years keyboards have had buttons to activate certain functions. The most classic use is that of the ‘Num Lock’ key, although some modern keyboards also integrate other functions, such as the Windows key lock. Check directly these locks are not activated.

Update or reinstall keyboard controls

If you have a modern or mechanical keyboard, the software may be having problems. If so, it would not hurt to return the keyboard to the factory settings or reinstall keyboard driver. Simply unplugging it and plugging it back in can also help.

In an emergency, how can I use a virtual keyboard?

By default Windows 10 has a virtual keyboard that we can use very easily. This keyboard is especially useful when our physical keyboard doesn’t work or when it crashes. Read on to find the virtual keyboard in Windows 10.

  • Open the Start Menu.
  • Find ‘On-screen keyboard’ and run the application.
  • The on-screen keyboard will be displayed, you can increase or reduce its size to your liking and it is used using the mouse.
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The above can help you get out of the way and indeed the Windows virtual keyboard he has much improved in the latest versions. In any case, there are other ways you can activate the virtual keyboard that can be useful if the above does not work.

what to do when the keyboard is locked

How to deactivate the keyboard lock?

As we mentioned before, it is possible that the keyboard has problems with the lock by accessibility options. If so, it is worth checking and deactivating some of these options. You can verify this as follows.

  • Open Control Panel
  • Go to the ‘Ease of Access Center’ section
  • On the bottom find ‘Make keyboard easier to use’ and enter this section
  • Check if some of the options shown are activated, if so, deactivate them, paying special attention to the ‘filter keys’ function

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