How to Upload Story with Music to your Instagram? – Improve Content

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How to Upload Story with Music to your Instagram? – Improve Content

Instagram stories are part of your day to day. Through them you can witness different situations; from what your friends and people you follow do throughout their day, to being able to see the prices or offers of different brands or stores that advertise through them.

It is not a secret that in order to get more people to interact and have an interest in your stories, these they should be as creative as possible. In this way you can generate more interaction with your followers and more people have an interest in your content.

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Adding music to your Instagram stories is one way to make them more entertaining due to multiple factors. You can add songs according to the story you are uploading; for example, if you upload a story of a Christmas dinner and add for example all i want for chrismats its you It will make it much more entertaining.

What do you need to know before uploading a story with music to Instagram?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the photo that you are going to upload to Instagram stories is appropriate, because if you break any rule, your story can be deleted.

Another factor to consider is that the song you want to place in your story is available in the country you are in. This thanks to the different regulations of each country regarding the music that can be listened to. This regulation can make some song unavailable which will prevent you from uploading it.

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Have the application updated to the latest version

You must bear in mind that in order to use the music feature on your Instagram stories You must have the latest version of the application. If you do not have it, it is most likely that the music option is not available, or failing that it does not work at all well.

How do you upload a story to Instagram with music?

The first step is to enter the Instagram application. Once inside you must go to the section to upload storiesYou can do this by sliding the screen to the right or by clicking on the icon with your photo. Once you are in the option to upload stories, you must take the photo you want to upload, or look for it in the gallery.

Selecting the sticker is music in Instagram stories

For select the music sticker on Instagram stories you must follow a few simple steps. Just click on the sticker that has a happy face, at that moment all the options of what you can add to your story will be displayed.

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Now you just have to click on the music option and that’s it. Choose the song you want to place or the one that best suits the content of your story. Once this is done, choose the fragment of the song that you want to place and you will have your story with music.

put music on your instagram stories

What to do if the music sticker is not available on your device?

The main thing to check is that your phone’s operating system is not outdated. What do we mean by this? Since to what the operating system of your cell phone must be compatible with the application and its latest updates. If you have a very old operating system and it cannot be updated, unfortunately, you will not be able to use this function.

The second thing you should check is that your device has the latest version of Instagram, or failing that, one of the last, because these are the ones that have the option available.

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What if I have the latest version allowed on my phone and I still can’t use the music sticker? You can try uninstalling the application and reinstalling it. Normally this corrects all the errors that this application is presenting.

If what we are telling you does not work What can you do? Well, you must go to the configuration part of the phone. Select the storage part and go to where it says applications. When you are there, select the Instagram application and proceed to clear the cache.

The cache can cause your applications stop working correctly many times. So removing the app should work normally and you should be able to add music to your stories.