Huawei Watch GT 3, or Huawei has shown again that it can make watches

Huawei Watch GT 3, or Huawei has shown again that it can make watches

Huawei smartwatches were received a bit distrustfully by the market. But with each successive generation, they grew stronger. The Huawei Watch GT 3 series only confirms that the company can make watches!

I myself was skeptical about Huawei watches

The first generation of Huawei Watch GT

It doesn’t make sense… I was talking after the premiere of the first generation of Huawei Watch GT watches. After all, my Wear OS watch had incomparably more functions. But … it worked incomparably shorter and incomparably slower. Of course, the Huawei watch had a lot of shortcomings, which I have scored in reviews over the years. With each successive generation, the scoring flaws disappeared and they became dangerously few. A little more and there will be nothing to cling to.

This is how we come to the latest generation of the Huawei Watch GT 3. These are actually the company’s most complete watches to date.

Visually, the fly does not sit down. It does not change, Huawei watches are beautiful all the time

Some will say it’s a matter of taste. On the other hand, personally, since smartwatches began to hit the market, I waited for them to finally be round. Huawei is one of those companies that focuses on round cases in watches from the very beginning, and praise him for that! I am one of the people for whom the watch is supposed to look like this and resemble classic designs as much as possible.

This is exactly what the Huawei Watch GT 3 gives me. It looks like a classic watch from a distance. In principle, also up close, as long as we set it a classic shield. The impression is intensified by the rotating crown and the second hand around the dial. On the bottom we find a surprisingly flat, slightly protruding heart rate sensor.

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The watch is available in 46mm and 42mm variants. The larger ones are – Active with a silicone strap and Elite with a bright, steel bracelet. The smaller ones are the white Active with a leather strap and the golden Elegant with an elegant, braided bracelet.

Each of the variants can, in principle, be transformed into another. This is due to the very simple disassembly of the strap or bracelet. We can easily replace them with others. On the other hand, the bracelet of the 46mm Elite model can also be shortened very easily, thanks to convenient clasps on the links.

This screen … Huawei Watch GT 3 charms with its dials

The allegation of the low number of dials available was one of the larger ones you could have for the first generation Watch GT. It is long behind us. Today, the choice of dials is huge. There are many free ones in this. Even they are very well prepared, which is often not the case with the free Wear OS watch faces.

The quality of the screen used enhances the appearance of the dials. We have an AMOLED panel with a very high resolution of 466 × 466 pixels. With a relatively small screen diameter, this results in a high pixel density, which results in a sharp and very detailed image. In combination with very good brightness, perfect blackness and high color saturation, the effects are overwhelming.

Huawei Watch GT 3 like a private trainer. And at the same time, he is a great observer

Huawei Watch GT 3 watches are equipped with a new version of the True Seen 5.0 sensor, which measures our heart rate and blood oxygenation level (saturation / SpO2) even more accurately. Especially nowadays, it is a very important parameter that we can always have under control. So does body temperature. The watch is equipped with a thermometer to measure the temperature of the skin. There were also measurements of the quality of sleep and the level of stress.

Huawei Watch GT 3 is the perfect training companion. We can choose from the possibility of tracking activity tailored to over 100 different sports. Including many team or extreme sports. Skiing? Present! In addition, we get a personal running trainer based on artificial intelligence algorithms. It analyzes our progress on an ongoing basis, including the distance traveled, body load and the route (determined on the basis of the built-in GPS) and, based on the collected data, adjusts the training cycles. What’s more, the navigation is able to recreate the route we traveled, even in offline mode. This function is especially useful during mountain trips or trips to the forest. We don’t have to worry about the route, we just keep walking and the watch will always bring us back.

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The Huawei Watch GT 3 allows you to talk through the watch. Is that a useful feature?

I usually hear who needs it? Usually, also people who find it useful for the first time to use the function of talking through the speaker and microphone built into the watch will change their minds. I know people who do it every day, but I treat it as an emergency function. Useful especially when we have both hands full, for example during housework, and our phone is … somewhere further. On the watch screen, we can see who is calling, and we can even pick up a stubborn call by touching the screen with her nose, standing on a ladder. We can talk freely without distracting ourselves from the activity performed. The voice is clear, loud and we can easily compare it to talking on the phone in a hands-free mode.

And while we’re at communication. Huawei Watch GT 3 provides ongoing notification of notifications from virtually all applications on the smartphone. It does it legibly, without errors and delays.

What does Harmony OS give us in the Watch GT 3?

Huawei Watch GT 3 is the second generation of watches that work based on the Harmony OS system. The visual changes are small compared to the company’s previous watches, although the interface is a bit more extensive, and at the same time it looks more effective. While maintaining the current, rapid pace of action.

Harmony OS also gives us access to applications in the AppGallery. Which allows you to expand the capabilities of the watch. From simple applications, such as a calculator or organizer, to more complex applications, such as navigation in Petal Maps.

Working time has always been a strong point of Huawei watches. And this is a strong point of the Huawei Watch GT 3

Returning again to the first generation of Huawei watches. Maybe they didn’t convince me then, but when my friends bragged about the results of their work on a single charge, the vein on my neck began to pulsate. I remember a friend who went on vacation for a week and forgot to fully charge the watch. She used it normally for a week and came back with … working for a few more days after returning.

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The Watch GT 3 watches are also able to last for a long time. In the case of 42mm variants, we are talking about the time up to 7 days, and in the 46mm versions – up to 14 days. In practice, these are feasible times, but of course, if we constantly use measurements, GPS or talk a lot, this time will be shortened. I have been using the Elite 46mm variant for some time, which you can see in the photos and with heavy use we are talking about 8-10 days. Which is still a great result. Especially if we look at this screen!

The watches charge inductively, and the attached magnetic charger sticks to the watch case very effectively, which allows you to easily charge it even while driving.

Over time, I became convinced of the Huawei watches, and the Watch GT 3 is another very successful product

Despite the initial reluctance, Huawei watches convinced me very successfully over time. Some will say but there are watches on the market that are richer in functions. Of course! Let us just ask ourselves if we need them? Because I do not at all, and with the increasing number of functions, the operating time decreases. Even up to one day. Huawei watches do not lack functionality, and the number of options available makes us only wonder, how is it possible that the Watch GT 3 series is able to run for so long without recharging?

In addition to long working hours, we get beautiful screens, a new Harmony OS system, advanced health and physical activity tracking functions, and this look! Huawei has done it again. Watch GT 3 is the next generation of the company’s watches, which are one of the most beautiful devices on the market. It’s scary to think what the next ones will be.

The material was created in cooperation with Huawei.

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