Hyperledger based blockchain service launched by Telefonica

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How can I recover my Badoo account

The Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica has announced a partnership with the Association of Science and Technology Parks (APTE). About 8,000 companies in Spain will thus have access to blockchain technology.

During the three-month testing period, companies will be encouraged to develop network applications and experiment with their own tokens.

Telefonica partnered with IT giant IBM in November 2018 to apply blockchain technology in managing international mobile phone traffic.

Hyperledger-based blockchain service

In April last year, Telefonica launched its own service called Cloud Garden. This service is intended to simplify the adoption of emerging technologies, including blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data. Cloud Garden is a blockchain service based on Hyperledger that will be implemented in partnership with APTE. According to a report published by TotalTele, Telefonica will implement network nodes in all 52 APTE locations.

The CEO of Telefonica Spain, Maria Jesus Almazor, said that the project will bring significant benefits to the companies located in the scientific and technological parks in Spain:

“Companies hosted in these science and technology parks will be able to benefit from the benefits of blockchain technology without having to face its inherent complexity. It will not be necessary to devote resources to acquire the knowledge necessary to take full advantage of it. ”

In February 2019, Microsoft also announced a partnership with Telefonica that aims to develop blockchain and artificial intelligence innovations.

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The Telefonica site also reports that the telecom giant has invested $ 5 million in the blockchain data verification platform Zamna.