I want it … Razer’s modular desk looks like a huge gaming laptop, with legs

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During its participation in CES 2022, Razer presented a wide variety of products. Perhaps one of the most interesting is Project Sophia, a modular desktop gamer which promises to be “the gaming battle station of the future”, even if it just looks like a huge laptop with legs.

Project Sophia | The World’s First Modular Gaming Desk Concept

Project Sophia is a prototype gaming desktop that offers the possibility of customizing its configuration thanks to 13 interchangeable magnetic modules. These snap onto a slim chassis that fits under the glass tabletop and can be easily removed to install new upgrades. All this is accompanied by a 65-inch OLED screen and a lot of RGB.

These modules vary by function and Razer promises that adapt to all needs. For example, some of the modules have tools to monitor system temperatures or major component speeds. Other modules have programmable hotkeys, secondary displays, a 15W wireless charger, and there is even a module designed for external GPUs.

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There is no question that this prototype offers a level of customization and adaptability that no other desktop currently offers. The Razer website exemplifies this perfectly through four different settings geared towards “the Gamer, the Creator, the Streamer, and the work-from-home.”

Some modules don’t seem to be that useful

Although these modules are the main attraction of Project Sophia, it must be recognized that not all of them seem really useful. I doubt that many users need to know the CPU and GPU speeds constantly let alone see it on the desktop. The same could be said of cup warmer module. This particular module could even cause careless accidents or distractions.

On the other hand, Project Sophie is not highly recommended for those people who are used to accumulating things on their desks. Any object that we would like to have on hand on the desk probably would interfere with access to any of these modules.

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These small disadvantages aside, Project Sophie is a more than interesting and attractive proposition. Unfortunately, it is a prototype and we do not know if it will ever reach the market. Either way, Razer is likely to inspire other manufacturers to take a similar approach on future gaming desktops.

Would you like to have the Project Sophia gaming desk? What types of modules would you use?

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