IBM Blockchain will be able to run on multiple cloud networks

IBM blockchain

Following an upgraded upgrade, the new IBM Blockchain platform will be able to run on multiple cloud networks. These include Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and cloud services such as LinuxOne. IMB also added support for Kubernetes’ application administration and deployment platform.

“This hybrid and multicloud approach will enable blockchain networks to work efficiently in multiple environments,

explained Jerry Cuomo, the IBM blockchain technical director.

In addition, the IBM Blockchain platform has a number of new or improved capabilities that allow businesses to manage the entire life cycle of a blockchain network.

A significant upgrade

This is a significant upgrading from the previous version of the system, which worked exclusively through the IBM cloud.

One of the main results of its new multicouble framework is interoperability. The platform will allow participants to manage data across multiple networks, even in different confidentiality environments.

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Gari Singh, CTO of IBM Blockchain, highlighted the benefits:

“We want to include XYZ, but XYZ has a contract with Azure or AWS or Oracle. How do we allow these members to connect to a node to join the network and how can you support that? We can now use all the advantages offered by Hypeledger Fabric and we can help our customers wherever they are hosted. We can also provide support for networks that want to work with IBM, but who have non-member collaborators. “

More integrated blockchain services

According to the report, the IBM platform is a variant of the open-source block-chain Hyperledger Fabric. In addition, IBM has added easy-to-access tools that facilitate the process of launching a licensed network. They assist in the necessary tasks, such as the assignment of governance and the creation of consensus mechanisms.

Cuomo exemplified the new extensions for Visual Studio (VS) Code, which is designed to simplify the complexity of building a blockchain. It helps users integrate intelligent contract development and network management functions.

“Developers can easily move from development to production testing from a single console. Examples of codes and tutorials are included in the extension, allowing any developer to easily become a blockchain developer. The IBM Blockchain platform provides support for developers regardless of whether they use JavaScript, Java or Go programming languages. “

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