IE is defeated in the browser battle

The data of the Net Applications company on the development of the Internet browser market in January 2009 became known. The results for Internet Explorer were very disappointing and the browser continues to suffer losses.

According to data obtained from the counters of 40 thousand large sites around the world, the strongest growth dynamics in the market is shown by the browsers Apple Safari (growth in January – 0.36%) and Mozilla Firefox (growth over the month – 0.19%). Mozilla is currently the second largest player in the market, with 21.5% of the world’s users using it. Dynamics for the year – 4.3%. Statistics also show that the most successful was the third version of the browser, which is now used by 85% of Firefox fans.

The Safari browser is installed on 8.3% of all computers connected to the Internet. In the last three months alone, it has increased its market share by 1.7 percentage points. Analysts, however, say that this is not due to its growing popularity among computer users running Windows, but simply to the growth in sales of Apple computers.

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And the traditionally leading Internet Explorer continues to lose ground. The share of all versions of this browser fell to a record low 67.6%. IE lost 0.6% of the market during the month, and 8% during the year. This browser has never had such a low performance in its history. Microsoft has been losing its positions for two years, during which IE’s share fell by 10%. It does not matter that Google Chrome is promoted to the masses. Now it owns only 1.1% of the market, and over the month this share increased by only 0.1%. Moreover, last year Google Chrome was several times recorded a fall, which, however, is most likely due to the loss of interest in the browser of its first users after the excitement subsided.

As for Microsoft, they hope to remedy the situation with the recently released version 8 of Internet Explorer. Already now its market share is 0.92%, which is regarded as a good result for the test version.

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