If the OEM slips or saves – AiO compact water cooling with a preprogrammed expiry date and a very up-to-date example | Investigative

If the OEM slips or saves – AiO compact water cooling with a preprogrammed expiry date and a very up-to-date example | Investigative

The providers of so-called all-in-one compact water cooling systems (AiO for short) and their product managers (PM for short) have a hard time finding the really suitable (and honest) OEM for expanding their own product portfolio. Because even the supplier of today’s product does not manufacture it himself, but trustingly puts himself in the hands of a large manufacturer (OEM), who uses its own product range to customize such products optically and / or mechanically.

There are two very large OEMs such as Asetek and CoolIT or even medium-sized and smaller ones such as Cooler Master, Dynatron, Deep Cool, Swiftech or Apaltek. And at SHENZHEN APALTEK CO., LTD the alarm bells always ring for me inside, because it wouldn’t be the first time that something would go wrong here in the long run. There were already various problems with the products, starting with Silverstone’s Tundra and their container-wise returns, various dead AiOs from Enermax / Lepa and others. This time it now seems to hit another large supplier who, among other things, also buys from Apaltek. For reasons of fairness, I have kept both the company name of the OEM customer and the product out of today’s article, or have anonymized it. For now, more on that in a moment.

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When it comes to Apaltek as an OEM, you also have to know that a process is currently in progress Texas Western District Court runs where Asetek took over the Apaltek company for patent infringement has sued. I recently had in the article “Asetek with problems – wave of warnings against many companies, profit correction and dangerous negative trend”Published an original warning letter (in this case to Arctic). If the supplier wants to assert financial claims from the OEM in the event of a real series problem, he should hurry up a bit.

However, since it could also be an individual case and I would like to wait for the opinion of the OEM as well as a special report that the provider has commissioned independently of the OEM, part 2 will be extended again. For me, it’s not about destroying a product on the market for the devil (in case of doubt the OEM has already taken care of that itself) and causing panic among the customers, but also about enabling the supplier and OEM customers to do the To regulate the matter as optimally as possible in the interests of the customers.

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Because you first have to find out in a verifiable manner whether it is only a partial problem with one or a few products, whether an entire delivery is affected or whether you have a general production problem with all products. All-clear or recall? Let us surprise ourselves. Sequel follows.

Exactly one of these affected AiOs is (or was better) also in use with us and since the employee regularly logs the temperatures, he noticed a creeping deterioration weeks ago, which now even resulted in final failure. We dismantled this specimen, analyzed it and started looking for clues, because knowing which OEM manufactures for which provider is one of the well-guarded internal issues that outsiders rarely experience.

I took this very specific case as an opportunity to collect a few general facts about the small closed AiO solutions that many readers might not be familiar with in this depth. Nevertheless, I want to avoid holding a basic course in inorganic chemistry here, but I also cannot do without certain details. That is why I had to generalize a lot a bit so that the broad understanding is still maintained even without specialist knowledge. So it’s a compromise, but it still goes deep enough.

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I am also in contact with product management from the OEM customer’s headquarters for other products, as it is also in the customer’s interest to classify such failures correctly and to be able to make better judgments when choosing the right OEM in the future. But that is exactly what is still in the process and I will certainly report on the further course of events. Today, however, there is a basic knowledge of the background and of course the images of horror from our own case. They have it all.

I would also like to point out that the AiO, which was gently slumbering here, was only in use for a full 6 months and was not even used or stressed very often and extensively. That is in the end because we all work in the editorial office, even less in terms of usage time than a passionate gamer would. Let’s start with 2 screenshots from the early days of this AiO half a year ago:

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And now we come to the disaster of last weekend and the total failure of the system up to the emergency shutdown by the boiled CPU.

Once that has been clarified, we go on a search for clues, because not only the CPU is hot, but also the topic.